Why was THIS One Piece event canceled in Japan? Here's what we know

The One Piece Film Red Fireworks Festival was recently canceled. It might come as a shock to fans who were waiting for this event. Read on to more about why the event was canceled.

Published on Sep 29, 2023  |  11:57 PM IST |  82.9K
One Piece Film Red (IMDb)
Key Highlight
  • A grand fireworks festival was planned to celebrate the success of One Piece Film: Red
  • One Piece Film Red Fireworks Festival was later canceled

The world of anime was abuzz with excitement as the highly anticipated One Piece Film: Red promised to bring a grand spectacle to fans with an impressive show of fireworks. To make the One Piece Film: Red film much more special, it was announced that a majestic fireworks festival was scheduled in Yokohama harbor, Japan on October 24, 2023. 

However, the unexpected revelation about the cancellation of the event from the official end has taken all the fans by surprise. Apparently, the company contracted for the arrangements of fireworks for the festival backed out last moment, resulting in the cancellation of the mega event. 

One Piece Film Red Fireworks Festival’s abrupt cancellation 

One Piece Film Red Fireworks Festival quickly grabbed fans’ attention who wished to enjoy the mesmerizing fireworks as they celebrated One Piece Film: Red. But sadly all the wishes of fans were shattered as it was announced on the official Twitter handle of One Piece that the event had been canceled. The primary reason for this cancellation was that the company, Breakthrough Inc., assigned to arrange fireworks for the festival failed to procure it. 

The official statement, as retrieved from Crunchyroll, stated, “ONE PIECE FILM RED HARBOR GRAND NIGHT - Into a New Era! A Great Fireworks Party was being run by Breakthrough Inc., which is the company in charge of procuring the fireworks. The fireworks were going to be set off in time with the music from One Piece Film Red. For an unknown reason, Breakthrough Inc. was unable to get the fireworks in time for the event. Those who have tickets will be wholly refunded.”


The success of One Piece Film: Red

One Piece Film: Red has impressed audiences across the globe by imprisoning their imagination with its promise of new adventures in the beloved One Piece universe. The film was released in 2022 and became a worthy addition to the decade-long anime series. To celebrate this cinematic extravaganza, a special event was planned—a grand fireworks festival set against the stunning backdrop of Yokohama harbor was planned. 

Meanwhile, One Piece Film Red continues to captivate audiences as it screens in Japanese theaters, promising fans with a soon-to-be-released 4K version of the film. While the cancellation of the fireworks festival was undoubtedly a letdown, fans can only hope that such an event will be organized more successfully in the future. 

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