EXCLUSIVE: Sanjoy on working with GOT7's Mark Tuan for One in a Million: He has an amazing career ahead of him

In an EXCLUSIVE interaction with Pinkvilla, Sanjoy spoke candidly about his One in a Million collaboration with GOT7 member Mark Tuan, being influenced by Indian music and more.
EXCLUSIVE: Sanjoy on working with GOT7's Mark Tuan for One in a Million: He has an amazing career ahead of him
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Amid GOT7 members parting ways with JYP Entertainment this year, Mark Tuan surprised fans by revealing his solo project titled One in a Million, which was in collaboration with the 29-year-old producer/songwriter Sanjoy. Ahgases are already aware of the talented musician, who collaborated with Youngjae in the past for Victim of Love. Unsurprisingly, even before One in a Million released, the buzz for the song was strong.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Sanjoy, the Bangladeshi-American artist spoke candidly about his big collaboration with the beloved GOT7 member, especially the tremendous response that One in a Million received upon release. Sanjoy also spilt the beans on the inspiration behind the romantic tune, the music video of which was befittingly released on Valentine's Day. Furthermore, we spoke to Sanjoy about his previous popular Bollywood remixes while also touching upon which current Indian artists are on his radar.

Read our full interview with Sanjoy discussing One in a Million, Mark Tuan and more below:

A Mark Tuan x Sanjoy collaboration is truly something! We're curious to know how did it come about?

We actually got introduced through family who were keen on seeing us collaborate on a track. We’d been trying to get together in the studio for a while and when the lyrics were finished we both just knew we had to make it happen.

With the buzz going strong even before its release, how overwhelmed are you with the positive response for One in a Million?

We knew that there was some buzz going on among the fans but the reaction so far has been next level! We didn’t expect this much and it has been incredibly motivating for Mark and I to receive this much support. Let's keep going!

One in a Million is a beautiful love letter to that special someone. What was the inspiration behind the lyrics?

The song is about the one in a million chance, being in the right place at the right time, to meet someone and fall in love at first sight. But as timing and fate almost takes them apart, music brings them together forever.

One in a Million MV was truly endearing to watch, especially on Valentine's Day. Given how we're still in a pandemic world, what is the takeaway you want fans to receive from One in a Million?

Well, it's harder these days to find a special someone in your life, so I guess something to keep in mind is to keep the connection strong if you have someone in your life already and if not, to not give up and know there will be someone sometime for everyone.

You've also collaborated with Mark's GOT7 teammate Youngjae for Victim of Love in the recent past. Musically, how would you say the two are different?

The collabs are quite different from each other in terms of style, but funnily they’re both about love. The process of working with both of them was so easy and nice, it was really like friends getting together and just creating. It’s so important to be on the same page when making music together and I think by us hanging out and getting to know each other, too, we were able to use that to our advantage in the studio and create music, that came very naturally to us.

Given that you've worked on the project for seven months and worked closely with Mark, how do you envision the new era of the singer venturing more into solo work?

I just know he has an amazing career ahead of him, that’s for sure! He is really hardworking and dedicated to his craft.

Which other K-pop artists are on your wishlist to collaborate with in the future?

I’m down to collaborate with anyone, from K-pop to American artists and everything in between. Of course, I have dreams, but I’ll keep those to myself in order not to jinx it.

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Ab Laut Aa, as well as your Bollywood remixes, have been very popular amongst music fans in India. How has Indian music influenced you as an artist?

A lot! The start of my musical career was mixing and mashing Indian songs with more electronic music and obviously growing up there was loads of Indian music in my household. I think everyone is really influenced by what they’re listening to or hearing their parents play when they’re growing up, so yeah, it’s definitely a big part of my musical identity as well.

Is there a recently released song you'd love to remix? Which Indian artists are currently on your playlist radar?

Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo is my favourite pop record right now. Would love to create something to it. Or the new version of Taylor Swift's Love Story. One in a Million by Mark Tuan and Sanjoy would be dope. Maybe a more dance/club version? Currently, Jonita Gandhi, Arjun, AP Dhillon and Imran Khan.

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