Dennis Quaid Discusses Playing Former US President Ronald Reagan In Upcoming Biopic; Says America Is The 'Hope Of The World'

Leading up to his role as Ronald Reagan in the biopic Reagan, Dennis Quaid talked about his initial reluctance to accept the part and shared his views on why America remains the hope of the world.

Published on Jul 05, 2024  |  04:42 PM IST |  49.6K
Reagan Trailer / YouTube
Dennis Quaid (Reagan Trailer / YouTube)

Dennis Quaid is an acclaimed actor, musician, and a family man, but above all, he is a proud patriot.

The Jaws actor, who will soon be seen as the 40th president of the United States in a biopic about Ronald Reagan, recently said in an interview with Fox News Digital that he feels lucky to be born in America and has hope for the future of the country despite the current unfavorable metrics.

“I was born in the greatest country ever to be on the Earth, to tell you the truth,” Quaid exclusively told the aforementioned portal. “I really believe in the wisdom of American people as a whole,” he added.

Dennis Quaid, on the very apt occasion, also issued a caveat to his fellow citizens

On July 4, 2024, when the world’s oldest democracy celebrated its 248th Independence Day, Quaid told Fox News that Americans are the “hope of the world, still.”

However, the words of appreciation were soon followed by a legitimate warning for the citizens of the superpower nation to get their act together and start believing in themselves. Seemingly addressing the upcoming presidential elections, the reel-life president remarked that the president reflects the people of a nation and the population eventually gets the kind of leadership they deserve.

Discussing his work in the upcoming biopic, Quaid drew parallels between Reagan’s run for the presidency and how the issues back then mirrored the challenges at the hands of Americans today. Iran having American hostages, soaring gas prices, struggle with the Soviet Union, impending nuclear war, and inflation were some of the topics the actor touched upon in his interview.


Quaid expressed that Reagan helped Americans feel their purpose in the world. “I am just proud to be an American,” he added with conviction.

Dennis Quaid shared why he took years to say yes to play the celebrated former president in the biopic

Quaid, in his conversation with Fox News Digital, revealed he didn't say no, and he didn't say yes either to the project for several years because he was scared.

Calling Reagan his personal favorite American president to date, the actor compared him to Muhammad Ali in terms of popularity, and that was the fact that made the proposition of bringing him to life on screen a big deal for Quaid, he confessed.

He said that he feared he would be judged, and also he sort of felt unworthy of playing Reagan. Besides Quaid, Jon Voight, Penelope Ann Miller, and David Henrie are to star in Reagan, which will come out on August 30.


For those unversed, Ronald Reagan, a Chicago native, was an actor himself before he dedicated his life to politics. Love is on the Air, Sergeant Murphy, Swing Your Lady, Accidents Will Happen, and Boy Meets Girl are some of Reagan’s acting credits we feel are worth checking out.

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Who is Dennis Quaid playing in the upcoming biopic?
Dennis Quaid will portray Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, in the biopic Reagan.

When is the Reagan biopic set to be released?
The Reagan biopic is scheduled for release on August 30, 2024.

What did Dennis Quaid say about being American in his interview?
Quaid expressed that he feels lucky to be born in America and believes in the wisdom of the American people. He called America the greatest country ever to be on the Earth.

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