Top 10 Best Laura Harrier Movies and TV Shows, Ft Spider-Man: Homecoming and One Life to Live

Laura Harrier has steadily risen through Hollywood's ranks, showcasing her talent in various film and television roles. Let's look at her top 10 best movies and TV shows that highlight her career.

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Key Highlight
  • Harrier's role as Liz Allan in Spider-Man: Homecoming catapulted her into the spotlight
  • From dramas like Hollywood to comedies such as The Starling, Harrier showcases her range

Laura Harrier has steadily risen in Hollywood, captivating audiences with her diverse roles in film and television. Her versatility and charm have won hearts since her standout performance in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as her compelling turns in dramas and comedies. Let's look at her top ten films and television shows that highlight her career in entertainment.

1. BlacKkKlansman (2018)

Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Focus Features

Spike Lee directed BlacKkKlansman, a crime drama based on true events. Harrier portrays Patrice Dumas, an important character in the story of Ron Stallworth, an African-American detective who infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan. The film, which was released in 2018, received critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling and multiple award nominations.

2. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)


Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Sony Pictures Entertainment

In Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: Homecoming, Harrier plays Liz Allan, Peter Parker's love interest. The film, which was released in 2017, became a blockbuster hit, catapulting Harrier to fame and showcasing her ability to shine in major franchise roles.

3. Hollywood (2020)

Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Netflix

Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan created Hollywood, a miniseries that stars Harrier and a talented ensemble cast. The series, set in post-World War II Tinseltown, delves into the challenges that aspiring actors and filmmakers face as they strive for success in a competitive industry.

4. Entergalactic (2022)

Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Netflix

Entergalactic is an animated romantic comedy in which Harrier voices Carmen, the protagonist Jabari's ex-girlfriend. Kid Cudi's project, released in 2022, is a unique blend of humor and heart.


5. The Realest Real (2016)

Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Elle Arabia

Carrie Brownstein directed The Realest Real, a short film in which Harrier stars as Abby. The story looks into the consequences of an unexpectedly granted wish, providing a touching reflection on the complexities of desire and identity.

6. Mike (2022)

Image Courtesy: YouTube/ FilmIsNow Movies

Mike is a miniseries about the life of boxing legend Mike Tyson, and Harrier plays Robin Givens. Despite the controversy surrounding its production, the series has been praised for its compelling performances and exploration of Tyson's turbulent life.

7. One Life to Live (2003-2012)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Harrier rose to popularity on the long-running soap opera One Life to Live as Destiny Evans. Set in the fictional town of Llanview, the series gave Harrier early opportunities to show her acting skills and connect with a large audience throughout its run.

8. The Last Five Years (2014)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

The Last Five Years is a musical drama that follows the love story of two characters, played by Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. Harrier plays Manuscript Woman, a supporting character who contributes to the film's exploration of love, loss, and time.


9. The Starling (2021)

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Harrier plays Sherri, a supportive figure in the life of the protagonist, Lilly (Melissa McCarthy). The film goes into themes of grief, healing, and unexpected connections, giving Harrier another opportunity to show her dramatic range.

10. Balance, Not Symmetry (2019)

Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Pinpoint Presents

Jamie Adams directed Balance, Not Symmetry, which stars Harrier as Caitlin, an art student dealing with personal loss and existential questions. Despite mixed reviews, Harrier's performance was praised for its emotional depth and contribution to the film's examination of artistic expression.

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Know more about Laura Harrier:

When did Laura Harrier start acting?
She began her acting career professionally in the mid-2010s, following earlier success as a model.

Does Laura Harrier have a background in modeling?
Yes, she started her career as a model before transitioning to acting.

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