X-Men Producer Simon Kinberg To Produce New Star Trek Movie Franchise? Here's What Report Says

Simon Kinberg is in talks to produce a new Star Trek film, with Toby Haynes directing and Seth Grahame-Smith writing. The movie, set before the 2009 reboot, aims for a 2025 release.

Published on May 22, 2024  |  03:47 PM IST |  32.4K
Simon Kinberg is rumored to produce Star Trek film (PC: IMDB)
Simon Kinberg is rumored to produce Star Trek film (PC: IMDB)
Key Highlight
  • Simon Kinberg is set to produce a new Star Trek film
  • The new movie will focus on the creation of Starfleet and humanity's first contact with aliens

Simon Kinberg, known for his X-Men works, is about to join a new series. He has been in talks with Paramount Pictures to produce a new Star Trek movie. Consequently, this step might make Kinberg more involved in other creative positions when it comes to forthcoming Star Trek movies.

A new dawn for Star Trek films

The upcoming Star Trek project is already in advanced stages of development. Toby Haynes who directed some episodes of Andor (the Star Wars series) is signed up to direct this film too. 

The script has been written by Seth Grahame-Smith and the story takes place many years before the events in J. J. Abrams’ 2009’s Star Trek movie. It is all about how Starfleet came into existence and how humans had their first contact with aliens. 

Abrams still serves as a producer on the project. While Paramount is aiming for a debut date of 2025, there isn’t certainty about when exactly that will be.

Paramount’s targets 

Indeed, Paramount stopped making any more Star Trek films during this period after Beyond which was released in 2016. The franchise has continued on TV where CBS All Access (now called Paramount+) had successful shows such as Discovery and Picard as well as Strange New Worlds. 


Although there were efforts made to get Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana from Abrams’ Trek cast, things have not worked out entirely well so far. However; there are plans underway at Paramount to develop one last chapter with them for part four.

Kinberg's remarkable track record

Notably, Simon Kinberg has an outstanding reputation in Hollywood. He rose through the ranks within the X-Men series, eventually taking over responsibility for its creative arc.

Kinberg directed Dark Phoenix and was also associated with movies like Murder on the Orient Express and The Martian. He also did work related to some Star Wars projects. Kinberg even joined forces with Seth Grahame-Smith in writing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The future of Star Trek

Kinberg’s engagement indicates a new chapter for Star Trek films. With their proven track record and the involvement of Haynes and Grahame-Smith, fanatics should expect an alternative perspective to this immortal brand. 


As Paramount navigates through potential changes in ownership, the Star Trek film series is set to boldly go where it hasn’t been for nearly ten years.

The possibilities are endless if Simon Kinberg leads the Star Trek franchise. Another Star Trek movie seems likely given the strong team behind it and the thrilling premise. Thus, fans want more adventures in space on big screens.

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When is the new Star Trek film expected to be released?
Paramount Pictures aims for a 2025 release, though no date has been confirmed yet.

Who are the key people involved in the new Star Trek project?
Simon Kinberg as producer, Toby Haynes as director, and Seth Grahame-Smith as scriptwriter.

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