Ross Matthews’ Weight Loss: How the “Rossipes” Founder Shed 60 lbs

From judging drag queens to shedding pounds, Ross Mathews' weight loss is inspiring to many alike. Discover how he transformed his life with this improved diet.

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Ross Mathews Weight Loss
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When it comes to Ross Mathews' weight loss journey, one can most definitely say that diet is key. Ross Mathews, once affectionately known for his chubby jokes and bubbly personality on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," has undergone a remarkable transformation, growing into a whole new guy. 

His journey from a self-proclaimed "chubby" entertainer to a fit and healthy individual is nothing short of inspiring. Shedding over 50 pounds, Ross has embraced a healthier lifestyle, proving that dedication and the right diet can lead to incredible results. 

Ross openly shares his struggles and triumphs, making his weight loss journey relatable and motivational for many. He’s not just the funny man on TV anymore; he’s a symbol of perseverance and change. Scroll down to discover more about Ross Mathews' incredible weight loss journey, the diet changes he made, and the inspiring path he took to become the best version of himself.


Who is Ross Mathews?



For starters, Ross Mathews is a vibrant TV personality, best known for his charismatic presence and infectious energy. He first captured the public's attention as "Ross the Intern" on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," where his enthusiastic celebrity interviews and comedic segments made him a standout. 


Over the years, Mathews has become a beloved figure in the entertainment world, appearing on numerous shows including "Celebrity Fit Club," "Chelsea Lately," and as a regular judge on "RuPaul's Drag Race."

Born on September 24, 1979, in Mount Vernon, Washington, Mathews' journey from a small-town boy to a Hollywood star is inspirational. He's also a talented author, with his memoir "Man Up!" offering a humorous and heartfelt look at his life and career. 


Beyond TV, Mathews is known for his podcast "Straight Talk with Ross Mathews," where his warm personality and quick wit continue to charm audiences. His openness about his experiences as an openly gay man has also made him an important advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.


How did Ross Mathews Lose Weight?



As someone who has lived through really poor lifestyle choices in the past, has been quite a consumer of unhealthy foods, cigarettes, and alcohol, and has disliked working out, Ross Matthews truly bedazzled his fans by losing oodles of weight, thereby improving his health and appearance.


Ross Mathews lost weight by making significant changes to his lifestyle. He started by focusing on portion control and eating healthier foods, cutting down on processed items, and incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins into his diet. He also incorporated more exercise into his routine, despite not loving it!

During the end of Matthews’ college year, he weighed around 230 pounds, which he has attributed to poor food and lifestyle choices. To counter that, he first lost 16 pounds by simply cutting back on junk food and poor-quality snacks. 


For example, he switched to baked Lays chips from Cheetos. Even so, such small changes didn’t allow him to make any major positive impact on his health and weight. 

Back in 2007, on the “Celebrity Fit Club”, Matthews managed to shed 41 pounds with the proper expert guidance of a physical trainer and nutritionist and brought his body weight down to 173 pounds. 

However, what surprised fans the most was his more recent weight loss in 2020 when he melted off a good 50 pounds and transformed his body. Matthews has only been on a path of better health since then and has started to look very fit and attractive, much to his fans’ delight. 



Ross made the most of his time at home by developing a consistent routine that included meal planning and regular workouts. Being at home allowed him to focus more on his health goals without the distractions and temptations that often come with a busy lifestyle. This period was crucial in helping him build healthier habits that contributed to his weight loss success.


Considering how gradually and healthily he did so, there were no speculations about the use of Ozempic or any weight loss surgery in his case. He himself opened up in an interview saying that he never used any products for weight loss such as diet pills, gummies, etc. and did so by working hard and making conscious choices. There’s no information on whether he used any food aid programs either. 

In the process of getting in shape, Matthews never lost that radiant glow in his skin and managed to age like fine wine. 

He also strongly believes that one doesn’t ever “win” this battle — the only way to win is by staying in the fight! Rightly so, Matthews has evidently and dedicatedly been practicing what he preaches, and his weight loss journey has been quite an inspiration. 

How Losing His Mother Affected His Mental Health:



In 2020, he lost his mother, Gaye Matthews to breast cancer. He was very close to his mother and losing her (at the age of 69) was a very painful experience for him. Matthews spoke up about his mother’s death and how the incident shook him openly on social media and on “The Drew Barrymore Show”. 


He has spoken several times about how this loss severely affected his mental health, and how he lost vigor in his life since her death. The incident catalyzed him to reevaluate his own health too, as he had been guilty of making unhealthy lifestyle choices and losing and gaining weight too frequently in the past. 

After all, Matthews had lost his father to the same disease back in 2004, which had prompted him to quit cigarettes, and was the primary motivator for him to join “Celebrity Fit Club” as a contestant. 

Hence, along with his weight-related issues, Matthews began prioritizing his mental health too, and started practicing meditation and mindfulness. This helped him embrace the difficult parts of his lifestyle changes with grace and positivity.


Ross Mathews Weight Loss Diet Plan:



Central to his weight loss endeavor was a radical shift in his dietary habits. Taking matters into his own hands, Mathews embraced the kitchen, choosing to whip up nutritious meals from scratch. He also started consuming food in moderation, instead of trying out any fad diets.


Matthews proudly refers to the healthy food recipes that he created as “Rossipes”, which comprise healthy taco salads, grilled chicken with veggies, enchiladas, breakfast parfaits,  lasagnas, and more. Avocados, egg whites, fresh fruits, green vegetables, chickpeas, squash, etc. are some wholesome foods that he swears by, and uses extensively in his recipes. 


He is a staunch admirer of egg white wraps, which he uses in place of tortillas to make low-carb and high-protein recipes. Studies suggest that a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in proteins is a great strategy for weight loss, and also improves the wholesomeness of the meal (1) (2). 



As someone who has much experience with short-term diets, Matthews has now switched his approach entirely to delicious, wholesome foods, which is a healthy and sustainable alternative for long-term weight management. He started gaining more knowledge on nutrition and making healthier choices in his diet. While he loves his sweet treats and alcohol from time to time, one food category he almost entirely gave up is pizza.

When it comes to snacking, Matthews strongly believes in cutting back. However, he indulges once in a while in pickles, corn, and healthy tacos — in short, guilt-free foods that he can crunch on! His cheat treats also include cookies, cocktails, and martinis. 

This fundamental change in eating habits served as the cornerstone of Mathews' weight loss odyssey. By prioritizing whole foods and eschewing processed fare, he not only shed excess pounds but also revitalized his body and spirit.

Did Ross Mathews’ Have a Gym Routine for Losing Weight?



People who have known Ross Matthews for a long time are well aware of how much he used to hate the gym. He hasn’t been coy about how much he dislikes working out, especially as a contestant on “Celebrity Fit Club”. However, after his weight loss in 2020, fans have started to speculate that he has started an elaborate workout regime. 

Nonetheless, Matthews hasn’t publicly spoken about adopting a new workout or how exercise helped him get in shape. Instead, he has mentioned that he takes long walks to stay active, without having to hit the gym. Study shows that daily walks have numerous health benefits, such as improved heart rate, blood pressure, and body mass index (3).


Ross Matthews’ Weight Loss — Before And After Photos:




Ross Matthews’ Weight Loss

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Ross Matthews’ weight loss transformation lays great emphasis on getting creative with one’s food choices, as healthy food can taste fantastic too, if it’s cooked that way. Over the years, he has made remarkable improvements in his health and physique without taking any shortcuts or using drugs such as Ozempic. Hence, his weight loss has been gradual but sustainable, and now, he looks better than ever. 


The only concern about Matthews’ weight loss regime is that there is very little emphasis on exercising, which is also an important part of one’s overall health and fitness. However, he does make it a priority to take long walks daily, which is an easy, practical, reasonable, and free-of-cost exercise physical activity for most people. Besides, considering that much of Matthews’ weight loss journey has been talked about on television or on his Instagram page, people have more transparency about it and can learn directly from his ways. 

Ross Mathews, through his weight loss journey, proves that with dedication and determination, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, reminding us that change is within reach for all who dare to pursue it.



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How did Ross Mathews modify his eating habits?
To modify and improve his eating habits, and cut back on overeating, Ross Matthews has consulted his psychologist. He incorporated more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats into his meals. In his endeavor of making better dietary choices, he thinks deeply about unresolved emotional issues as a possible reason for overeating, which helps him stay on track in his health journey.

What motivated Ross Mathews to lose weight?
In addition to personal growth, Ross Matthews was prompted to take his health seriously after his father’s demise due to cancer, after which, he decided to join “Celebrity Fitness Club” as a contestant and lost 41 pounds. In 2020, his mother’s demise to the same disease encouraged him to further look into his health, after which, he lost another 60 pounds.

Did Ross Mathews have professional help during his weight loss journey?
At least when he was a contestant on “Celebrity Fitness Club,” Matthews was provided with professional guidance and assistance from a nutritionist, physical trainer, and psychologist to help him move towards a healthier lifestyle. Sources suggest that he still sees a psychologist to help him stay on track in the health journey, but there’s no information on whether he still sees a nutritionist and trainer or not.

How long did Ross Mathews' weight loss process take?
In 2020, he lost weight in just a year. However, it took him three years to keep it off.

In what ways has Ross Mathews' life changed since losing weight?
Since losing weight, Ross Mathews has experienced increased energy levels, improved self-confidence, and a greater sense of overall well-being. He also feels more comfortable and confident in his appearance.

Has Ross Mathews shared his weight loss journey publicly?
Yes, pretty much. When he was a contestant on “Celebrity Fitness Club,” back in 2007, Matthews’ weight loss journey was transparent to all viewers, in addition to that of other contestants on the show. However, even years after completing the show, Matthews has talked about his lifestyle choices and weight loss journey publicly a lot, either through “The Drew Barrymore Show”, his Instagram presence, or through interviews with media platforms.

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