'Didn't Know Who I Was': Miley Cyrus Reveals She Couldn't Drive For 3 Days After Taking Her Mom's Drugs

Miley Cyrus, known for her openness about her family life, recently discussed her path to sobriety on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman. She discussed her bond with her mother.

Published on Jun 15, 2024  |  11:35 PM IST |  65.5K
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Miley Cyrus (P.C.- YouTube/Miley Cyrus)

During a recent appearance on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, the Disney alum Miley Cyrus discussed about her relationship with her mother. The singer recalled an incident when she couldn’t even drive for many days after taking “the smallest puff ever” of her mom Tish Cyrus‘ weed. Surely, she learned a lesson there! 

Miley Cyrus opens up about her experience with a powerful drug

Miley Cyrus has been open about her relationships with her parents: she and her mother, Tish Cyrus, have a close bond, but her relationship with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has been more turbulent.

Appearing in an interview recently, Miley discussed her journey to sobriety after years of using drugs and alcohol. She highlighted that marijuana, particularly the type her mother uses, had become something she actively avoids.

She shared that she would randomly take one small puff off her mother's joint, pretty much never because it's way too strong, pointing out that her mother’s weed had affected others as well.

"It was revealed that Wiz Khalifa was given a panic attack by my mom’s weed because it was too strong," Miley claimed. She then recalled what she herself got to experience, which was even more terrible. According to ET, Miley stated:


"I don't smoke my mom's weed anymore. The last time I smoked her weed was a couple weeks ago, and I did walk in and take the smallest puff ever, and I couldn't drive for what felt like three days, and I didn't know who I was."

Although she now avoids it, Miley admitted that she had initially introduced her mother to marijuana to help her deal with anxiety while on tour.

Reflecting on her mother’s initial reaction, Miley recalled, "She said, 'OK, but just don't tell anybody 'cause I'm a good Christian woman.' But she loved it. She had the best time, and she smoked weed ever since."

Tish, appearing on Letterman's show, nodded to Miley's story, saying that honestly, she thinks her biggest fear was the Flowers singer moving out. "She definitely had financial ways to be able to move out before she was 18. Generally, a lot of kids in Hollywood do that, but she didn't."


Tish continued, "I think I really picked my battles with her." When asked if she would ever try her mother’s weed again, Miley admitted, "Usually, I fake it to be cool for my mom."

Miley Cyrus prefers quality over quantity when it comes to friendship

In a recent conversation with David Letterman, Cyrus shared a surprising revelation: she doesn't often socialize within celebrity circles. Instead, she places a higher value on the quality of her friendships rather than the quantity.

Cyrus candidly mentioned that she is not very active or a very active part of her community of other artists, entertainers, and celebrities. She does not get the vibe as she said, "it just doesn’t feel like my people when I’m in that room." Despite this, there are a few exceptions in her life. "But there are certain artists," she continued. "Like Beyoncé—who, like us, we’ve known each other for a long time."


Recalling a memorable moment from her teenage years, Cyrus shared how during her teenage years like at 15, she performed with Beyoncé and all the girls and she was sandwiched between Rihanna and Queen Bey and they’re, like, "fully grown up, gorgeous, probably similar to my age now, towering over me, completely stunning.”

Since then, Cyrus explained that she and Beyoncé have developed a stronger bond than she has with most other women in the music industry. "The kindness and the consistency is everything,” she emphasized. “So I’m a part of my community in that way but, again, it’s all quality, not quantity. I’m not very active in that.”

During the episode, Cyrus also subtly discussed her strained relationship with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, following his recent divorce filing from his wife of seven months, Firerose.

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