Chandni Bhabhda, mimicry artist best known for Alia Bhatt's impression, buys Akshay Kumar's Mumbai flat; PICS

Chandni Bhabhda, renowned for her Alia Bhatt mimicry, has acquired an opulent Mumbai flat, once owned by Akshay Kumar.

Updated on Feb 12, 2024  |  12:41 PM IST |  56.2K
Chandni Bhabhda
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Chandni Bhabhda is a 24-year-old content creator, renowned for her impeccable mimicry of Bollywood star Alia Bhatt. Recently, the young sensation acquired a lavish Mumbai apartment formerly owned by actor Akshay Kumar. This substantial move comes as Chandni, with an impressive Instagram following surpassing 4.5 lakhs, continues to entertain audiences with her exceptional mimicry skills and engaging content. Known for her uncanny ability to replicate Alia Bhatt's voice, Chandni's latest acquisition marks a significant milestone in her career, creating a buzz among her fans and followers eager to catch a glimpse of her new luxurious abode. 

Pics from Alia Bhatt’s voice mimicker’s new home

Chandni recently delighted her followers with glimpses of the griha pravesh puja at her newly acquired Andheri residence in Mumbai. Dressed in an elegant pink saree with a red chunari, she partook in traditional rituals, sharing the heartfelt moment with fans. Expressing gratitude, she wrote, "Ghar. Buying a house under 25. Brb paying EMI’s. #ghar #chandnimimic #chandunegharleliya."

Situated in Andheri, Mumbai, Chandni's new abode was reportedly owned by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. Speculations surround her interior decoration plans, with rumors hinting at a fusion of Rajasthani and Bollywood-inspired elements, showcasing Chandni's eclectic taste and artistic flair in transforming her new space.

About Chandni Bhabhda

Chandni Bhabhda has established a unique presence in the digital space, utilizing her mimicry skills to engage and enthrall audiences. Operating under the Instagram handle "Chandni Mimic," she has garnered a dedicated following with her comedic skits and impeccable impersonations, particularly of Alia and other renowned personalities.


Despite possessing a law degree, Chandni chose to follow her passion for mimicry and acting, a bold decision that has catapulted her to unprecedented levels of achievement. Her talents have not gone unnoticed, earning her a coveted spot on the comedy show Constable Girapde, which made its debut on Amazon miniTV, further solidifying her status as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

In an interview with Forbes India, she shared, "A lot of people don't know this, but I started very young, back in 2016 while still in school. Despite a limited social circle, I found solace in the camera, nurturing my passion for acting and self-recording. Alongside my studies to become a lawyer, I dabbled in being a video jockey and hosting live shows. Juggling multiple roles, I realized my love for creating content and bringing smiles. After completing five years of law studies, faced with the choice of a legal career or content creation, I chose the latter, and it has been an amazing journey since.

While challenging, it's crucial to understand their perspective. Their concern stems from possessiveness, desiring your stability and happiness. However, it's vital to follow your heart rather than the conventional path. Corporate jobs offer financial stability, not always guaranteed in our field. After obtaining my law degree, I asked my parents for two years, promising to reconsider if things didn't progress as planned."

Alia Bhatt praises Chandni

Acknowledging Chandni's talent, Alia Bhatt praised her mimicry skills in an interview with NDTV. Expressing admiration for Chandni's videos, Alia lauded her exceptional portrayal, stating, "That’s one of my favorites. There is this one girl who imitates me, Chandni, she imitates me really well. She made an Alia Bramastra meme, where she is talking about my voice and she is outstanding." 

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