Blue Lock Chapter 267 Spoilers Out: Ness Abandoned By Kaiser As Kiyora’s Tactics Revealed; DEETS

Kaiser's spin shot secured Bastard Munchen's lead over Paris X Gen, and the Blue Lock Chapter 267 spoilers have revealed what happens next. Here's everything we know about the spoilers.

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Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix
Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

In the last chapter, Bastard Munchen got the lead over PXG when Kiyora sided with Kaiser, leading to the execution of a remarkable spin shot by Kaiser, securing a breathtaking goal.

The Blue Lock Chapter 267 spoilers have recently leaked online, revealing the aftermath of Kaiser's stunning goal. Ness is left devastated, and fans will witness the emotional reactions of each player. Keep reading to find out more about the spoilers.

Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Blue Lock Chapter 267 spoilers

According to the Blue Lock Chapter 267 spoilers out online, the upcoming chapter will be titled Golden Ticket and will continue right after Michael Kaiser’s goal. The announcer celebrates Kaiser’s super goal, calling it a powerful awakening strike that shakes the world.

Nanase, Karasu, and Aoshi are all stunned by the trajectory of the ball, realizing the sheer skill involved in the shot. Isagi thinks about Kaiser's evolution, noting how he discarded everything to grow. Meanwhile, Charles dismisses the goal as a fluke. Hiori questions Kiyora Jin about his pass to Kaiser.

Kiyora explains that his decision wasn't influenced by favoritism in the Blue Lock Chapter 267 spoilers; he could have chosen either Isagi or Kaiser. His philosophy is to side with the losing team, believing that if they win, it will be his achievement. This is due to Kiyora's nature as someone who maintains balance from the borderline.


Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Isagi acknowledges Kiyora's philosophy and understands that Kiyora's key role in the goal stemmed from Kaiser's change in play style. Kaiser abandoned his self-centeredness, passed to Raichi, and formed a new relationship with Kunigami. This led to the final moment where Kiyora's pass was executed flawlessly.

Isagi realizes that to defeat Kaiser; he needs more pieces to understand his rival better. Ness praises Kaiser in the Blue Lock Chapter 267 spoilers, calling him an extraordinary human chosen by the gods. Kaiser credits Ness for his progress, saying that it was Ness that allowed him to play soccer freely.

However, Kaiser reveals that he no longer needs this freedom and asks Ness to find a new king. Kaiser thrives in restraint, a truth that shocks Ness. Isagi thinks about the difference between freedom-oriented and restraint-oriented individuals.

Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

He understands that performance varies based on the environment and realizes that Kaiser's strength lies in his ability to thrive under restraint. This leads Isagi to a deeper understanding of egotists, enhancing his analytical skills in the Blue Lock Chapter 267 spoilers.


Kaiser, feeling exhilarated like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, challenges Isagi to settle their score with one final point. Isagi accepts the challenge, determined to crush Kaiser and secure his ‘golden ticket’ to becoming the world’s best. The Blue Lock chapter 267 spoilers end with Rin vowing to fight back, shrouded in rage and promising never to forgive.

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*The spoilers provided here are not official and should be taken with caution. Fans are advised to wait for the official release for canonical content.

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