Blue Lock Chapter 266: What's Next? Predictions And Possible Spoilers

Blue Lock is on break for two weeks, and fans can only wonder how Kaiser fares against the opposition of Paris X Gen. Find out what might happen next in Blue Lock Chapter 266 here.

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Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix
Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Unfortunately for fans, the Blue Lock manga has gone on break and will only be out on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at 12 am JST. As they wait for Blue Lock Chapter 266’s release, speculation is high within the fandom with fans wondering what might happen, especially given the cliffhanger last chapter.

The chapter will likely continue where the previous chapter left off after Kiyora Jin's backspin pass aligned perfectly for Michael Kaiser to unleash his Kaiser Impact: Magnus Shot. With Rin Itoshi and Charles Chevalier blocking Kaiser's path, here’s what we predict may happen in Blue Lock Chapter 266.

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Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Blue Lock Chapter 266: Evolution of Kaiser and reactions of team

Given the precise alignment of the ball that couples with Kaiser's confidence, there is a high probability that Bastard Munchen will take the lead against Paris X Gen. If Kaiser scores, it will be a significant evolutionary moment for him as he succeeds in returning to zero.

Blue Lock Chapter 266 will likely feature the reactions of the players and coaches, with an emphasis on the buildup and culmination of his efforts. This goal will reaffirm Kaiser's role as a key player and might also provoke intense feelings of rivalry and determination in Isagi Yoichi.

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Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Blue Lock Chapter 266 may see Ness evolve as well

On the other hand, Kaiser's success without Alexis Ness's help is bound to impact Ness considerably. Ness, who has been Kaiser's right-hand man so far and helped perfect the Kaiser Impact: Magnus Shot, will feel an incredible sense of loss and despair.


His disappointment was evident in the previous chapter when Kaiser ignored his pass. If Kaiser scores without Ness's assistance in Blue Lock Chapter 266, it will likely break his spirit further, leaving him questioning his role and value on the team.

Ness’ despair could serve as a catalyst for his character development. The title Super Star might not only refer to Kaiser or Isagi but could also be a hint at Ness's potential transformation. He may be forced to undergo a substantial change, aligning more with his original vision of being a magician who leaves a mark through his creativity and magic.

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Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Isagi's perspective and response in Blue Lock Chapter 266

Isagi, a few yards ahead of Kaiser, may debate attempting to steal the goal in Blue Lock Chapter 266, considering their ongoing rivalry. Although this behavior might seem out of character for Isagi, it definitely accentuates the competitive nature of Blue Lock.


The chapter may also look into Isagi's perspective should Kaiser score. He will likely analyze how Kaiser achieved the goal with Kiyora's help, realizing that Kaiser succeeded without Ness. This will further prompt Isagi to deliberate on Ness's state of mind and his potential as a teammate.

Isagi might approach Ness with an offer, similar to how he linked up with Kunigami for his first goal. By inviting Ness to join him in creating the ultimate play in Blue Lock Chapter 266, Isagi could appeal to Ness's ego and desire to be a superstar.

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Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Blue Lock Chapter 266: Isagi and Ness may partner up

Isagi's approach might resonate with Ness, who originally aspired to cast a spell on the whole world with his magical plays. Perhaps finally recognizing that Kaiser has robbed Ness of his creativity and role, Isagi's invitation could inspire Ness to rediscover his true self.

This partnership may very well lead to a new dynamic within the team, with Ness evolving into a player who creates magic for himself while also contributing to Bastard Munchen's success. Overall, fans can expect Blue Lock Chapter 266 to be an intense yet exciting chapter that pushes the characters to their limits and beyond.


Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates on the match between Paris X Gen and Bastard Munchen in the Blue Lock manga.

*The release dates and time provided are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the discretion of the creators.

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