Blue Lock Chapter 267: Bastard Munchen In The Lead With Kaiser's Goal; Release Date, Where To Read And More

Kaiser flawlessly executed his new move, bringing Bastard Munchen into the lead. Don’t miss Blue Lock Chapter 267 to find out what happens next; get the release date, expected plot and more here.

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Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix
Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

In the previous chapter, fans saw Michael Kaiser achieve a flawless execution of his Kaiser Impact Point Magnus shot, giving Bastard Munchen the advantage over Paris X Gen. Isagi was so taken aback by his rival's goal that he even called him a ‘superstar,’ after having witnessed Kiyora Jin's perfect that assist that set up Kaiser’s latest weapon.

Fans now wonder what unpredictable twists await in Blue Lock Chapter 267, so don’t miss the chapter as it drops. Keep reading to find out the release date, expected plot and more.

Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Blue Lock Chapter 267: Release date and where to read

According to K Manga's official Twitter/X, Blue Lock Chapter 267 will premiere on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at 12:00 am JST. International readers may find it available as early as Tuesday, July 2, depending on their time zone differences. Please be aware that exact release times can differ based on location.

Blue Lock Chapter 267 will be accessible exclusively through Kodansha's K Manga service, which is currently limited to the US. Accessible via both mobile app and website, readers can access the latest chapters using points, without the need for subscription fees.

Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Expected plot in Blue Lock Chapter 267

In Blue Lock Chapter 267, with Bastard Munchen now leading 2-1, Yoichi Isagi will likely analyze Michael Kaiser's remarkable goal. Isagi will be particularly intrigued by Kiyora Jin's assist, noting how Kiyora baited him and perfectly set up Kaiser’s shot.


Kiyora, playing his first match in the Neo Egoist League, has proven his impressive confidence and skill and seamlessly contributed to the team's success. Blue Lock Chapter 267 may feature a conversation between Isagi and Kiyora, where Isagi tries to probe into Kiyora's thought process and technique.

Blue Lock [Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Eight Bit, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Netflix]

Blue Lock Chapter 266 recap

Titled Superstar, Blue Lock Chapter 266 resumes with Michael Kaiser preparing to execute his Kaiser Impact Point Magnus shot. As he aims, Rin Itoshi and Charles Chevalier position themselves to block his path. When Kaiser strikes the ball, it veers sharply to the left, bypassing both defenders.

This unexpected trajectory leads Raichi Jingo and Aoshi Tokimitsu to mistakenly believe Kaiser has mishit the ball once again. However, Yoichi Isagi quickly discerns the unique nature of Kaiser's shot. Unlike previous attempts, Kiyora Jin's pass had stopped the ball momentarily, allowing Kaiser to strike it with precision.

Using the air as his ally, Kaiser generates significant spin, causing the ball to curve dramatically. Alexis Ness watches hopefully, anticipating the ball's bend toward the goal. Blue Lock Chapter 266 then shifts to a flashback of Kaiser's past.


As a child, after angrily kicking his ball that had rebounded and hit him, Kaiser momentarily abandons it but quickly retrieves it as he values it deeply. The scene then transitions to Kaiser's abusive home life, where his father repeatedly kicks him.

In his room, Kaiser confides in his ball in Blue Lock Chapter 266, expressing dreams of earning money, enjoying good food, becoming human, and, if fortunate, experiencing love. Returning to the present, Kaiser's shot continues to bend, evading the goalkeeper and ultimately crossing the goal line.

This stunning goal gives Bastard Munchen the lead against Paris X Gen and shifts the match's momentum in Kaiser's favor. Blue Lock Chapter 266 ends as Isagi, witnessing the incredible feat, acknowledges Kaiser's brilliance and dubs him a superstar.

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