Sakamoto Days Chapter 157: Release Date, Where To Read, Expected Plot And More

As the battle against Uzuki’s gang continues, intriguing hints about Shin and Haruma's shared history add layers to the ongoing conflict. Dive deeper into the upcoming chapter here.

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Yuto Suzuki, Viz Media, Shueisha, Manga Plus
Sakamoto Days [Yuto Suzuki, Viz Media, Shueisha, Manga Plus]

In the previous chapter, Shin, despite being at a disadvantage, did not disappoint the readers. He managed to outsmart Haruma. Moreover, Shin and Haruma appear to have a shared history that was subtly hinted at before and has yet to be revealed. The battle with Uzuki’s gang is also yet to conclude and will continue in Sakamoto Days Chapter 157, find out more about the chapter here.

Sakamoto Days [Yuto Suzuki, Viz Media, Shueisha, Manga Plus]

Release date and where to read

Sakamoto Days Chapter 157 will be released in Japan on Monday, March 4, 2024, at 12 am JST. This translates to a daytime release on March 3 for most international readers, though the exact release times will vary. Fans can read the issue on Viz Media’s official website, Shueisha’s MANGAPlus service, or the Shonen Jump+ app.

Sakamoto Days [Yuto Suzuki, Viz Media, Shueisha, Manga Plus]

Sakamoto Days Chapter 157 expected plot

In Sakamoto Days chapter 157, Shin's advantage over Haruma due to the latter's adherence to arbitrary game rules may prove pivotal in securing a victory. However, the possibility of Haruma abandoning these constraints and fighting without limitations poses a significant threat to Shin's prospects. As the battle unfolds, Shin must navigate this uncertainty and adapt his strategy accordingly to overcome any potential challenges posed by Haruma's unleashed power.


Perhaps Amane's true intentions will be revealed, shedding light on his connection to Satoru Yotsumura. Additionally, the consequences of Shin's victory over Haruma may lead to further developments in the ongoing conflict with Uzuki's gang in Sakamoto Days Chapter 157.

Sakamoto Days [Yuto Suzuki, Viz Media, Shueisha, Manga Plus]

Sakamoto Days Chapter 156

In Sakamoto Days Chapter 156, Shishiba discovered Amane's true identity as Satoru Yotsumura's son, sparking confusion about Amane's motives amidst the ongoing chaos. However, their attention quickly shifted back to the intense battle.

Kumanomi's impatience escalated, prompting her to summon a crane truck with her electromagnetic abilities, hurling it towards her enemies. Shishiba, Shin, and Amane narrowly avoided the incoming threat, but the distraction allowed Carolina Reaper to land a surprise attack on Amane, leaving Shishiba vulnerable to Kumanomi's assault with the crane truck's boom.

Meanwhile, Shin found himself outmatched in a direct confrontation with Haruma due to his loss of ESP abilities. Employing his keen intellect, Shin analyzed Haruma's moves, realizing they were based on various sports principles. Predicting Haruma's next move based on his posture, Shin exploited a moment of distraction to land a decisive blow, incapacitating Haruma.


As the dust settles from the intense confrontation, readers are left eagerly anticipating the next chapter. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla to unravel the aftermath of the battle and uncover further revelations in Sakamoto Days.

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