Kagurabachi Chapter 35 SPOILERS Out: Hakuri’s Painful Past Revealed As Soya Continues His Attack

Kagurabachi Chapter 35 spoilers detail Hakuri’s familial abuse and the Rakuzaichi auction. Here's everything you need to know.

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Takeru Hokazono, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media
Kagurabachi [Takeru Hokazono, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

The Kagurabachi Chapter 35 spoilers were recently released online and revealed Hakuri’s abusive relationship with his family and the Rakuzaichi auction. For fans unable to wait for the official release this week, here’s everything we know about the spoilers of the upcoming chapter.

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Kagurabachi [Takeru Hokazono, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

Kagurabachi Chapter 35 spoilers

According to the Kagurabachi Chapter 35 spoilers out online, the upcoming chapter will be titled Cage and will open with a flashback to August, during the Rakuzaichi auction preparations. During this time, Hakuri Sazanami reveals the existence of a separate storehouse located several hundred meters from the Sazanami estate.

This storehouse is where the auction items are individually restored before being moved to the main storeroom. Like other members of the Sazanami family, Hakuri is entrusted with specific responsibilities. One such task involves meeting a woman who is to be sold at the auction. When Hakuri enters her room, he reprimands her for not eating her food. 

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Kagurabachi [Takeru Hokazono, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

The woman, identified as ‘Lot No. 24 - Woman with Icy Skin,’ hasn't eaten anything since she was caged. She expresses her wish to die rather than be sold in the Kagurabachi Chapter 35 spoilers. Hakuri, however, reminds her that she has no freedom as merchandise and must eat for the sake of the auction.

He has been tasked with ensuring she doesn't starve and will be transferred to the main storeroom in three weeks. The woman then asks for a companion to talk to while eating. Although hesitant, Hakuri agrees for the auction's sake. As days pass, Hakuri and the woman develop a bond.


She listens to his woes about the torture he endures from his family, particularly from his elder brother, Soya Sazanami, who uses tools like pliers and ropes to inflict pain on him. The woman uses her ice abilities to ease Hakuri's pain, and they share a moment of understanding in the Kagurabachi Chapter 35 spoilers.  

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Kagurabachi [Takeru Hokazono, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

She suggests they escape together as outcasts, but Hakuri insists he is just a merchant doing his duty for the auction. The days continue, and the woman begins to regain her health. On the final day before her transfer, Hakuri, battered and bruised, visits her. Seeing his state, the woman questions why he endured such torture.

Hakuri breaks down, revealing his insecurities and feelings of failure within his family. He cannot perform Isou, making him feel inadequate and unworthy. The woman comforts him in the Kagurabachi Chapter 35 spoilers, pointing out that he, too, is trapped in a metaphorical cage, much like her.


The next day, Hakuri, appearing with a sense of resolve, invites the woman to have a meal outside. However, when he opens the door, he is horrified to find her holding a knife to her throat. She apologizes, explaining that she would rather die than be sold and live a meaningless life. Ignoring Hakuri's pleas, she takes her life, leaving Hakuri devastated and filled with guilt. 

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He blames himself for her death, realizing that his actions inadvertently pushed her towards this end. The Kagurabachi Chapter 35 spoilers then transition back to the present, where Hakuri is in the midst of a fierce battle with Soya Sazanami. Soya mercilessly attacks his younger brother, reminding him of his inferiority.

As Hakuri struggles, he is haunted by the past, particularly the woman's tragic end. These memories fuel him as his latent genius begins to surface. In a moment of clarity, Hakuri uses his Spirit Energy, manifesting his potential in a desperate bid to fight back against Soya. As Soya lands a powerful Isou strike, Hakuri's subconscious state triggers a powerful reaction.


The pliers from his past, a symbol of his torment, hit Soya and fall as he walks away. The Kagurabachi Chapter 35 spoilers conclude with Hakuri lying on the ground, flickers of Spirit Energy emanating from his eyes. 

For more spoilers from the Kagurabachi manga, stay tuned to Pinkvilla.

*The spoilers provided here are not official and should be taken with caution. Fans are advised to wait for the official release of canonical content.

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