BABYMONSTER’s fansite gets into fist fight with staff at Thailand fan-con; apologises later

BABYMONSTER’s Ruka’s fansite recently wrote an apology letter for their inappropriate behavior with staff members during the group’s fan-con meet in Thailand. Know more here.

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BABYMONSTER; Image: YG Entertainment
BABYMONSTER; Image: YG Entertainment

BABYMONSTER, the rookie girl group who caught the world's attention with their viral hits is currently on their first-ever fan-con tour BABYMONSTER PRESENTS: SEE YOU THERE. 

Recently, during their fan-con meet in Thailand, a BABYMONSTER fansite got into a fistfight with the staff at the event. They have issued an apology now. 

BABYMONSTER’s fansite penned an apology for getting into a fistfight with staff at the Thailand fan con

Recently BABYMONSTER visited Thailand for their fan con meet BABYMONSTER PRESENTS: SEE YOU THERE and many fans attended the event to see the girl group live. But that was not all as aside from the official fan meeting fans also got the golden chance to watch the BABYMONSTER members record a live radio show for Flex 104.5. The fans had sat outside the studio in mannerly lines watching the girls through a glass window.

But things took a turn for the worse when a fansite started blocking everybody’s view by getting in the way. A staff present at the event tried to stop the fansite and it turned into a fistfight. The fansite’s strength overpowered the female staff which pushed security to enter the situation after which they dragged the fansite out of the event.


See the video of the fansite getting out of control at BABYMONSTER fan con here: 

The fansite was later identified as zeus_ruka03 on X (previously Twitter). The fansite was swift in penning an apology that they posted through their X account. They cited they did not know the rules in Southeast Asia for photography and asked for forgiveness. 

Read the fansite’s apology for inappropriate behavior towards staff during BABYMONSTER fan con meet here: 


BABYMONSTER is a rookie girl group under YG Entertainment that debuted with a single BATTER UP on November 27, 2023, which they released as a six-member group as Ahyeon was on hiatus due to health issues. BABYMONSTER consists of seven members namely Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Rami, Rora, and Chiquita.

In other news, BABYMONSTER finally marked their official debut as a seven-member group on April 1, 2024, with the EP BABYMONS7ER alongside the lead track SHEESH. 


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