Ancient Apocalypse Season 2 Renewed: Everything We Know About It

Ancient Apocalypse Season 2 confirmed: Netflix renews the controversial series exploring Graham Hancock's pseudo-scientific theories.

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Graham Hancock’s Documentary Series, Ancient Apocalypse, Gets Renewed For Season 2
Ancient Apocalypse (PC: IMDb)

The 2022 Netflix documentary series, Ancient Apocalypse, quickly garnered significant attention from fans for its pseudo-archaeological theories presented to the world by British writer, Graham Hancock. The show however became highly controversial for its pseudo theories, inviting criticism from the Society for American Archaeology. Now as per the reports, retrieved via What's on Netflix, the show has finally been renewed for its second run as makers confirm the development of Ancient Apocalypse Season 2. 

Ancient Apocalypse has been renewed for its Season 2

The first season of Ancient Apocalypse released its first episode on November 10, 2022. The show’s season 1 ran over 8 episodes and follows Graham Hancock’s pseudoscientific theories about an ancient civilization. The mysterious ancient civilization dates back to the last ice age. The civilization as per the British writer spanned across historical sites of countries like the United States, Turkey, Indonesia, Malta, Mexico, and Turkey.

Hancock concluded that the ancient civilization met its demise in a cataclysm. Upon its release the show attracted quite some attention, bringing spotlight to Hancock’s pseudoscientific theories. The show now has been renewed for its season 2, however much of its details are still kept under wraps. 

Everything to know about Ancient Apocalypse’s criticism 

Despite its decent public traction, the show also received significant criticism from the experts. The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) raised its voice against season 1 and appealed to change the film’s genre from archaeological to science fiction because of its unproven pseudoscientific facts. 


The show’s writer Graham Hancock responded to the letter of SAA by releasing a full-fledged counterargument to their letter. In his response, Hancock alleged that SAA through its letter demeaned him and his work in the Ancient Apocalypse.

Ancient Apocalypse (PC: YouTube/ Netflix)

“I have been outspoken about the many failings of archaeology as an institution, but at no point in Ancient Apocalypse is any individual archaeologist disparaged. With its 30th November 2022 open letter, however, the SAA seeks to disparage me as an individual, to defame my reputation for honest reporting and to do harm to me personally,”  Hancock wrote, as retrieved via his website. 

With Ancient Apocalypse surrounded by constant controversy, the show’s writer is yet to make comments about the upcoming season 2 of the show. It is to be seen though what the second season of Ancient Apocalypse will entail, as fans eagerly wait for more updates regarding Season 2.

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What is the idea behind Ancient Apocalypse?
It claims an advanced ice age civilization was wiped out by a disaster, but survivors spread knowledge like agriculture and architecture globally.

What does Graham Hancock believe?
Hancock thinks an ancient, advanced civilization on Mars built structures like a face and pyramid, which were destroyed by a cataclysm.

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