Did Don Lemon Really Make A Request to Elon Musk To Be The First Podcaster In Space? Find Out Here

In a recent interview, Don Lemon opens up about the list of requests he made to Tesla mogul Elon Musk. Read to find out.

Published on Mar 21, 2024  |  06:45 PM IST |  31.6K
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Don Lemon, a prominent American journalist, has been charting many headlines these days. He has been in talks about supposedly making a long list of requests to Tesla and X mogul Elon Musk. As per reports, Don Lemon had high ambitions of being the first podcaster in Space. During Lemon’s recent interview with Mediaite, he shed light on his deal with the Tesla owner. 

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Did Don Lemon make a request to Elon Musk to be the first podcaster in space? 

As per The New York Post, Don Lemon presented a list of requests containing demands for a cost-free Cybertruck in contract discussions with X before he was brutally sacked last week. He also wanted SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to rocket him into space for the first-ever interplanetary podcast. Before Musk ousted Lemon from his X position, he had asked for a $5 million advance on top of an $8 million basic pay, as well as equity and veto authority over the site's news policies and creative lineup. Although, as recently reported by Page Six, Lemon’s reps denied that he had made a list of requests.


In a new podcast interview with Mediaite editor-in-chief Adian McLaughin Lemon, Lemon did not dispute his desire to be the first podcaster in space, which was among a slew of outrageous demands he made when negotiating his contract with Elon Musk's X platform. The former anchor stated that "people negotiate all the time." 

When Lemon was questioned about the claims, he simply called them off as nonsense and confessed they were all part of the negotiating deal. McLaughlin told Lemon, "The New York Post has been reporting some stuff that you made several inquiries about from X. That you requested a Cybertruck, an $8 million annual salary, and other demands.” To which Lemon responded, "Oh, come on. That's rubbish. People constantly negotiate, but this is ridiculous. It is obviously a deflection."

Lemon, who was fired from his X program after it premiered with his ill-fated Musk interview, dodged somewhat by claiming of The Post's reports, "it has nothing to do with the interview, and I'm not going to fall into that. I don't read the New York Post, but I really enjoy their horoscopes. It's great. I'm a Pisces, by the way, so you may read my horoscope to find out what's going on in my life." 

According to the Post, a bulleted item in Lemon's demands purportedly stated, "First podcast in space to be hosted by Don (via SpaceX)." The document, as reported by The Post, was received in December, a month before Musk and Lemon announced their agreement to create a show for X. Lemon's representatives did not respond to the space request, but they have previously rebuffed any of the former CNN host's crazy demands.

Is Don Lemon still in talks with Elon Musk? 

Don Lemon said in the same interview with Mediaite that he has not heard from his former Tesla mogul employer since they parted ways. He said, "No, I have not heard from him; we used to text occasionally, not a lot."

He stated about their unexpected split, "There are no attorneys working on anything. I assume we made a bargain, and they must follow the terms of the agreement. If they don't accomplish it within the scope of the contract, we'll have to take legal action." Lemon continued, clearly avoiding discussing his contract with X: "I don't like to talk about money or terms. I simply think it is gauche. It's simply not done. That is the reason I have an agent.” 


Musk dismissed Lemon before their first episode aired, following a heated discussion on March 8 in which Lemon questioned the tech mogul about politics, alleged drug usage, and his content moderation procedures.

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