Is Luke Wilson’s 2006 Film Idiocracy Getting A Sequel? Find Out As Actor Addresses Potential Part 2

Luke Wilson shared a major update on the sequel to his 2006 classic movie, Idiocracy. The sci-fi movie touched the cult classic milestone in the early 2000s.

Published on Jul 06, 2024  |  12:34 AM IST |  41.6K
Luke Wilson from Idiocracy via YouTube

Luke Wilson’s 2006 sci-fi film Idiocracy has been making headlines in the past few months for its potential sequel. The actor has now shared a major update on the second film in the franchise. Wilson, who played the lead character of Joe in the movie, revealed that he has been talking to the film's director about the sequel and discussing how the story will unravel 20 years after the original release. 

The sci-fi movie of the 2000s is known for its coincidentally correct prediction of the American economy. Apart from Wilson, the film also starred Terry Cruz and Dax Shepard. 

Will there be a sequel to Luke Wilson’s Idiocracy?

There has been no confirmation from the director or the makers of the film for Part 2 of 2006’s Idiocracy yet, but the Legally Blonde actor has claimed that he has been having conversations about the potential sequel to the filmmaker. 

Wilson shared, “I'm always trying to get Mike [Judge] to do another Idiocracy where me and Terry Cruz and Dax Shepard, who played Frito, where we come back from the future to the present day and see what happens.” Speaking of the potential plot details, the actor shared that he would like to progress the story with the characters returning to the present from the future that they happened to enter in the original film. 


Wilson further claimed that while the sequel could be possible, it might take a lot of details away from the first film, which made the movie a cult in the first place. 

The Idiocracy of 2006 was ranked in the higher spots by critics, and the Rotten Tomatoes platform ranked the movie at 71%.


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Idiocracy of 2006

The Luke Wilson starrer Idiocracy was one of those movies that were considered coming of age. The movie revolves around Joe, who is chosen to be the subject of a science experiment, and how his life changes after being the guinea pig for the test. 

According to the official synopsis, “Joe's life changes when he is chosen to be the guinea pig for a secret hibernation experiment. When he wakes up from 500 years of slumber, he realizes that he is the smartest man on the planet.”

Idiocracy is available to stream on Prime Video.


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When was Idiocracy released?
Idiocracy released in 2006.

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