OutDaughtered Update: Where Are The Quintuplets Now? Here's All We Know So Far

The Busby family from TLC's OutDaughtered adjusts to life with six growing daughters, balancing individual interests and the challenges of returning to TV after a hiatus.

Published on Jun 19, 2024  |  08:35 PM IST |  36.1K
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Key Highlight
  • The Busbys manage the unique needs and interests of their six daughters
  • The family returned to filming OutDaughtered

The usually busy Busby home is silent during the early morning video chat with parents Adam and Danielle Busby on TODAY.com. The quintuplets, who are now nine years old, are also scattered about: two at a sleepover and three upstairs. Blayke, their oldest daughter, 13, is still in bed sleeping. Over the years, much has changed in the Busby household.

Today’s OutDaughtered family

The series OutDaughtered, which airs on TLC, has chronicled the journey of this family since they had quints; it talked about how hard it was to raise a five-year-old plus five newborns. For two years after the outbreak of covid19 virus in Texas, no filming was done for this family but they are back to show their challenges of bringing up six young girls.

“It’s still hard,” admits Danielle, “What's hard is that we have six individual children that are all over the place and wanting to go different directions.” Managing six individual schedules and activities is what she says is challenging today. Thus they are no longer one group but have separate interests and friends as well. 

"I tell their friends' moms, 'You don't have to invite the quints over," says Danielle more than once; "They are five different kids.' And that's what's hard now. It used to just be Blayke and 'the quints' as one. But now it's just Blayke, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley and Parker."


Blayke Busby (13): Entering eighth grade; loves playing tennis apart from basketball and volleyball; likes to put on eyelashes while her father finds it fun.

Ava Lane Busby (9): She loves to dance as well as being goofy yet emotionally tender. In a big family like hers, fairness poses a challenge for her every time. The other kids have always been taught by the Busbys that sometimes others can play before she does.

Olivia Marie Busby (9): As she’s grown older Olivia has become sweeter unlike before when she used to be goofball together with Ava who acted like a drama queen around her always hugging each other and often leading group activities.

Hazel Grace Busby (9): Hazel is always singing and dancing, living in what the family calls Hazel's world. Being extremely helpful and responsible, she hardly needs to be reminded twice when it comes to doing chores. Her eye issues have improved, giving her a promising future.


Riley Paige Busby (9): Riley always jokes around and is always teasing people just like her dad Adam when they were children. She loves soccer so much that she can’t stop asking questions all through the day; such sarcasm often makes everybody in their house laugh.

Parker Kate Busby (9): Parker as the tallest quint is confident of herself and likes competition. Soccer has been one of her areas of expertise along with many other things, and now she knows how to succeed at anything. Overcoming previous anxiety, she performed in the school talent show with friends.

Back on camera

Returning back to filming OutDaughtered has been tough for the Busbys because they do not want this program to affect their daughters’ interactions or friendships. Despite having a TV show, the children make sure that they relate with these filmmakers as normally as possible so that it becomes even more enjoyable.


The Busbys have raised six daughters with different personalities who are each interested in various fields of life; it’s a complex situation but they’re making it work. On OutDaughtered, their story unfolds revealing what an extraordinary experience growing up with them was like.

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How do the Busbys handle the different interests of their daughters?
The Busbys encourage their daughters to pursue their individual interests and manage separate schedules for each.

What steps have the Busbys taken to make filming the show less disruptive?
They ensure that filming does not interfere with the girls' extracurricular activities, sports, or friendships.

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