Which Actors Are Part Of The Great Lillian Hall? Exploring HBO Drama's Star-Studded Cast List

Besides the two-time Oscar winner Jessica Lange in the titular role, the film boasts a riveting set of actors, many notable, that bring the fictional story of Lillian Hall to life.

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HBO's The Great Lillian Hall Hosts A Star-Studded Cast List, All About Them Here
Jessica Lange in The Great Lillian Hall (PC: YouTube/HBO)

HBO’s latest endeavor explores the life and death of The Great Lillian Hall, a Broadway icon struggling with dementia portrayed brilliantly by a legendary actress herself, Jessica Lange. Besides the two-time Oscar winner, the film boasts a riveting set of actors, many notable, that bring the fictional story of Lillian Hall to life. 

The Great Lillian Hall’s star-packed cast list is as follows:

Jessica Lange as Lillian Hall

Michael Christofer’s The Great Lillian Hall appears to be a one-man show but it involves a prominent set of actors to make it all come to life. However, at the center of it is Jessica Lange, a two-time Academy Award winner, and a pioneer for female stars in Hollywood. She won the Oscars for 1982’s Tootsie and 1994’s Blue Sky. Besides that, Lange, 75, is also one of the few performers who have completed the triple crown of acting in 2016, per IMDb. 

She is also the recipient of the Screen Actors Guild Award; and has three Emmys, one Tony Award, and five Golden Globes under her belt.

Chronicling the life of an actress who dedicated her life to theatre while tackling the compromises that come with it, there could be no one more fitting than Jessica Lange for the role. 


Kathy Bates as Edith Wilson

Kathy Bates, 75, stars as Edith Wilson in The Great Lillian Hall. She won Best Actress at the 1991 Oscars for her smashing performance as Annie Wilkes in 1990’s Misery. Her other works include 1995’s Dolores Claiborne, 1998’s The Waterboy, 2008’s Revolutionary Road, 1991’s Fried Green Tomatoes, 1997’s Titanic, and 2023’s The Miracle Club among others. 

Other than the silver screen, Bates has also taken up TV roles like Delphine LaLaurie in American Horror Story: Coven, for which she won an Emmy for best supporting actress. She also made an Emmy-winning guest appearance in Two and a Half Men. 

Pierce Brosnan as Ty Maynard

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, most notable for his portrayals of James Bond, stars as Ty Maynard in HBO’s The Great Lillian Hall. He is Lillian’s neighbor who is empathetic to her spiraling health. 

Brosnan has starred in four films from the James Bond franchise, from 1995 to 2002. Besides the action, he has also appeared in the award-winning musical comedy, 2008’s Mamma Mia! and its 2018 sequel, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. He earned Golden Globe nominations for 1982’s Nancy Astor and 2005’s The Matador. 


Other works include 1999’s The Thomas Crown, 1987’s The Fourth Protocol, and 2010’s The Ghost Writer.

Lily Rabe as Margaret

Lilly Rabe plays Margaret Tanner, Lillian Hall’s estranged daughter who seldom received her mother’s attention because she was always swayed away with her passion for the theatre. 

The 41-year-old actor also stars in FX’s American Horror Story and has been subject to wide acclaim for her on-screen and stage performances. She earned a nomination for the Tony Award following her performance in the Broadway show, The Merchant of Venice. 

Other notable works include 2016’s Miss Stevens, 2023’s Love & Death, 2021’s Tell Me Your Secrets, 2019’s Fractured, and 2010’s All Good Things, among others. 

Rabe also co-starred as Commander Lyme in the blockbuster franchise, The Hunger Games. 

Other cast members

Other cast members of HBO’s The Great Lillian Hall are Jesse Williams as David, Allison Mackie as Flo, and Lauren Buglioli as Dunyasha. 


Academy Award winner Michael Christofer directed the movie from a screenplay written by Elisabeth Seldes-Annacone. 

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