MAMAMOO's Hwasa marks 6th solo debut anniversary; dishes on full album release and solo tour in 2024

MAMAMOO's Hwasa hints at an exciting 2024, revealing plans for a full album release and expressing a desire for a potential solo tour, as she marks her 6th solo debut anniversary. Find out more details below!

Published on Feb 10, 2024  |  08:21 PM IST |  195.7K
MAMAMOO's Hwasa; Image Courtesy: RBW
MAMAMOO's Hwasa; Image Courtesy: RBW
Key Highlight
  • MAMAMOO's Hwasa celebrates a 6th solo debut anniversary revealing album release and solo tour plans
  • More details about Hwasa's recent activities

MAMAMOO's Hwasa, known for her dynamic solo career, unveiled exciting plans for 2024. As she marks her 6th solo debut anniversary in February, Hwasa discussed her journey, expanding her artistic spectrum, and the driving force behind her diverse music. Teasing the upcoming year, Hwasa hinted at pouring everything into a new album and eagerly anticipates meeting more fans.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa unveils plans for 2024

MAMAMOO's Hwasa, renowned for her distinctive presence both within the group and as a solo artist, recently unveiled exciting plans for 2024. Amidst her journey marked by hits like TWIT and Maria, she shared insights in an interview with Star News. Reflecting on her evolution beyond the sexy image, she emphasized the importance of introspection, considering it pivotal in her artistic endeavors.

On the occasion of Korean Lunar New Year, Hwasa traditionally opts for a tranquil getaway, valuing the opportunity for relaxation. Looking ahead, she intends to prioritize health while eagerly anticipating sharing new music and performances with fans, highlighting her commitment to a busy year ahead.

In anticipation of MAMAMOO’s 10th debut anniversary and Hwasa’s 6th anniversary as a solo artist, she hinted at an upcoming full album release, pouring her heart into preparations. Fans, buoyed by her ambitions, expressed hopes for a potential solo tour as she expressed a desire to engage more with her supporters and stage captivating performances throughout the year.


With her multifaceted talents and unwavering determination, Hwa Sa continues to captivate audiences, promising a year filled with musical innovation and unforgettable experiences for both herself and her devoted fans.

Hawasa’s latest engagements

Hwasa, the powerhouse in the K-pop scene, continues to redefine herself with a trail of successes. Rising to fame as a member of MAMAMOO in 2014, she ventured into solo territory with the chart-topping TWIT in 2019. In 2020, she joined the Refund Sisters, dominating charts with Don't Touch Me.

In 2021, her EP Maria secured a top-five spot in South Korea, with the eponymous single reaching number two on the Gaon Charts, earning accolades at the Golden Disc and MAMA. Hwasa's dynamic journey includes a YouTube channel launch in 2021, the release of Guilty Pleasure in 2021, and a collaboration with Loco on Somebody in 2022.

Departing RBW in 2023 after a decade, she joined PSY's P Nation, unveiling the hit I Love My Body. With her recent interview hinting at a busy 2024, fans eagerly await Hwasa's upcoming album and potential solo tour.

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