Amy Jackson is proud to call Ed Westwick her fiance; heaps praises on his portrayal of Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl

Amy Jackson has shared that she's proud of her fiance Ed Westwick's growth as an actor and has called his portrayal of Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl 'extraordinary.'

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Amy Jackson is proud of fiance Ed Westwick after watching him as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl
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Amy Jackson, who is all set to be seen in the upcoming film Crakk, has praised her fiance and actor Ed Westwick for his portrayal of Chuck Bass in the popular show Gossip Girl. The actress has said that she is proud to call Ed her fiance, after watching his growth as an actor.

Amy Jackson is proud to call Ed Westwick her fiance after watching him in Gossip Girl

In a conversation with IANS, Amy Jackson shared how impressed she was with how Ed Westwick has portrayed the character of Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. She said, "I'm truly proud to call Ed my fiance, and witnessing his remarkable growth and evolution as an actor is incredibly commendable. His portrayal of Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl is nothing short of extraordinary." 

Adding further about what she loved about the character, Amy said, "The nuanced complexity and gradual development of the character throughout the series have captivated and endeared him to countless viewers, making Chuck Bass a timeless favorite for many who cherish the show." 

Amy also opened up about how she looks at the concept of love. The actress said that, in her opinion, love is a blend of understanding, respect, and shared growth. "The genuine connection and joy that my partner and I share are truly special," she mentioned.


Amy Jackson on her son Andreas's approval of her relationship with Ed Westwick

Amy Jackson and Ed Westwick announced their engagement on January 29. The couple shared a series of dreamy pictures on Instagram in which Ed can be seen going down on his knees to propose to his lady love in Gstaad, Switzerland. The actress revealed that she got approval for the relationship from her son Andreas even before the engagement.

During an interview with India Today, Amy was asked how she broke the news of her relationship with Ed Westwick to her son, Andreas. Responding to the question, she said her son was more excited about it than anyone else.

Amy said, "He was delighted. It was so funny, because a few months ago, I had a ring, and it was on this finger. And he was like, 'Mummy, you're not married?' And he asked, 'Why are you not married to Eddie, mummy?' I said, 'He hasn't asked me,' and he said, 'Well, I am going to tell him."

Pinkvilla wishes the beautiful couple a lifetime of happiness.

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