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23 Feb 2024





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Crakk Review: Vidyut Jammwal's exhilerating action ends up as only redeeming factor in this irredeemable film

Crakk starring Vidyut Jammwal, Arjun Rampal, Amy Jackson and Nora Fatehi and directed by Aditya Datt is now playing at a theatre near you.

Published on Feb 23, 2024   |  06:37 AM IST  |  680.6K
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Vidyut Jammwal

Vidyut Jammwal's action is a rare redeeming quality about the movie Crakk (Credit: T-Series)

Key Highlight

  • Crakk has great action sequences but there is nothing else that really stands out
  • Crakk stars Vidyut Jammwal, Nora Fatehi, Arjun Rampal and Amy Jackson
  • Crakk releases in theatres on 23rd Febraury, 2024

Name: CRAKK: Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa

Director: Aditya Datt

Cast: Nora Fatehi,Arjun Rampal,Amy Jackson,Vidyut Jammwal

Writer: Aditya Datt

Rating: 2

Where to watch: Theatre


Siddharth, lovingly called Siddhu (Vidyut Jammwal), has had humble beginnings. He does extreme stunts in the city of Mumbai for some cash. His parents are not too approving of it and want him to rather do a reasonable job due to how they lost their other son. Siddhu, against the will of his parents, decides to contest in an extreme sporting event outside India that can even take his life.

Dev (Arjun Rampal) is the owner of the sporting event - Maidaan, Alia (Nora Fatehi) is a social media influencer and Patricia Novak (Amy Jackson) is a local police. Players who have applied their name for the game Maidaan have to contest in different deadly games to eventually compete with Dev in the final and consequently become the world champion.

What works for Crakk:

Crakk has exhilerating action that is genuinely fun to watch. The camerawork is spectacular and overall, it is very emmersive for an average viewer. The scale and the hardwork is visible and it does look like the makers have left no stone unturned to ensure that the audiences take home a very interesting visual experience. Arjun Rampal looks very fine as Dev and his screen-presence has only gotten better with years. A couple of songs in Crakk like Jhoom and Rom Rom are groovy and enhance the feel of the otherwise underwhelming film.

What doesn't work for Crakk

The writing of Crakk is all haywire. It feels as though there was no script in place for the film. The screenplay is juvenile. The dialogues are downright disappointing through the film. There is no proper flow of the story. The visual effects at places are jarring. The movie is overstretched by atleast 20 minutes. The performance of almost all the actors is underwhelming. The emotions don't connect since majority of the film plays out more like a parody.

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Performances in Crakk

While Vidyut Jammwal aces the action routines, his acting is not as desired. Even the emotional scenes featuring him don't invoke any sort of emotions. The script doesn't give Nora Fatehi much to work with. Crakk ends up being yet another forgettable outing for her. Amy Jackson is the weakest link of Crakk. Her dialogue delivery seems to have gotten even worse. Arjun Rampal as Dev is good and he compliments Vidyut with some eye-popping action in the final bits of the film. The performance of other actors in Crakk ranges from underwhelming to decent.

Final Verdict of Crakk

Despite being a breakthrough in terms of action in films in India, Crakk ends up as an irredeemable film. Action without strong core emotions is of practically no use. You can now watch Crakk at a theatre near you. The tickets for the movie can now be booked from online movie ticketing applications.


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