Swara Bhasker gives a peak into baby girl Raabiyaa’s beautifully decorated crib as the little one sleeps-PIC

Swara Bhasker and Fahad Ahmad welcomed their daughter Raabiyaa on 23rd September. Now, the actress has shared a lovely picture of her baby girl sleeping in a beautifully decorated crib.

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Swara Bhasker gives a peak into baby girl Raabiyaa’s beautifully decorated crib as the little one sleeps-PIC
Swara Bhasker gives a peak into baby girl Raabiyaa’s beautifully decorated crib as the little one sleeps-PIC
Key Highlight
  • Swara Bhasker shared a glimpse of her daughter Raabiyaa’s beautifully decorated crib
  • Swara and Fahad welcomed their baby girl Raabiyaa oonn 23rd September

Swara Bhasker and her hubby Fahad Ahmad have been over the moon ever since they welcomed their daughter Raabiyaa. The new parents shared a post on Instagram, announcing that Raabiyaa was born on 23rd September and that they are so grateful and happy. Since then, they have been sharing adorable glimpses of their daughter, and while they hide Raabiyaa’s face in the pictures, fans get a sneak-peek into their special moments with the little one. Recently, the Veere Di Wedding actress shared a glimpse of her daughter’s beautifully decorated crib, through pictures on Instagram.

Swara Bhasker gives a peak into her daughter Raabiyaa's beautifully decorated crib

Swara Bhasker took to her Instagram stories to share pictures of the crib, which was decorated beautifully. The first picture shared by the actress shows the wooden cot decorated with a light pink mattress and a colorful printed baby pillow placed on it. On one side of the crib, a doll and a few colorful soft toys are placed. Meanwhile, a beautiful toy featuring white clouds and brightly colored raindrops, is seen hanging over the crib. "Crib work in progress Courtesy @bhoomilogy !natasha.jeyasingh," wrote Swara.

In another picture, she shared a glimpse of the completely decorated crib that shows baby Raabiyaa sleeping in it. A purple emoji is placed to hide her face in the picture, and she is seen with two little round pillows next to her. A number of soft toys are placed all around her, while one of the pillows reads, "10 days." Check out the pictures below! 


Swara Bhasker's Instagram story

Swara Bhasker's Instagram story

Swara Bhasker shares a video from daughter Raabiyaa's 'Chhathi' ceremony

Meanwhile, two days ago, Swara Bhasker shared a video from her daughter Raabiyaa’s 'chhathi' ceremony which marks the sixth day of a child’s birth. Swara and Fahad's family members were also present for the chhathi ceremony. The actress was seen singing a folk song on the occasion.


Sharing the video, she wrote, "The child is a mish mash of the mish mash we are.. So she’s 62.5% UP.. 12.5% Bihar.. 25% Andhra.. And I’m all for representation and I’m always here for celebration! Moreover, since our wedding, we’ve been discovering common cultural practices that both Hindus and Muslims in North India share which reinforces my belief that human beings can come from all manner of diversity but love and joy will find a common language! Chhathhi or the 6th day of the child’s birth is celebrated across UP BIhar where the mom & child are dressed in the colour of Haldi / turmeric and the aunts /bua puts kaajal on the child and mom and dad to protect the child and family from ‘nazar’ or the evil eye!" 

Speaking about the song, she wrote, "I’m singing a popular ‘sohar’ (songs of celebration for newborns). Traditionally sohars mostly celebrate male newborns, I’ve tailored it for a newborn girl.. oh! And mothers don’t sing the sohars, sisters & aunts do but I was like dholak aa gaya hai so why not!" 

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