'He Thinks He Can See Future': Ryan Garcia Sends Twitter Into Overdrive With Bizarre Prediction After Bohemian Grove Rant

Ryan Garcia has been dropping truth bombs after ranting about Bohemian Grove. But the fans are not taking it well.

Published on Mar 08, 2024  |  04:59 PM IST |  733K
Ryan Garcia Sends Twitter Into Overdrive With Bizarre Prediction After Bohemian Grove Rant
Ryan Garcia (PC: Getty Images)

Ryan Garcia is soon to face Davis Haney but his mental stability is being questioned after all. Ryan Garcia is back with his weird internet rant. He has social media this week with many concerning posts, including a distressing video claiming he was dead after having his 'throat slit' on Sunday. 

Despite claiming that his phone had been hacked 24 hours earlier, the 25-year-old went on another terrifying rant on Tuesday. He stated that he was raped as a youngster by a family member, that he watched children being raped by 'the elites', and that he had photographic evidence of aliens' existence.

Now, he has alarmed followers once more with a series of odd tweets on X, in which he claims an earthquake would 'destroy LA, Hollywood, and Las Vegas'.

In a now-deleted post, Ryan Garcia wrote, “Earthquake will strike La and destroy Hollywood and Vegas AKA SIN CITY.”

Later Garcia posted, “June 6th Earthquake bad” adding intrigue to the story. Knowing exactly what Ryan Garcia is going through is suddenly an impossible task. It's hard to believe that a boxer/social media influencer who hasn't had much success in the ring is the target of a psyop (psychological operations) by these so-called elites.


Ryan Garcia is getting trolled on social media by fans

Ryan Garcia is having one of the worst times of his career with fans and pundits looking at him alike. With the allegations of his fight, everything seems to slip away from his hand. Fans have started questioning the man’s mental health and want him to opt out of the fight. But fan's reaction increased when Garcia posted about an Earthquake that is supposed to happen in the future. And the fans didn’t miss this opportunity to troll Ryan Garcia.

A fan used this opportunity to make fun of Ryan Garcia. One of them wrote, “Now he thinks he can see the future”

Another fan called out Ryan Garcia and asked him whether he was a “caveman”. The fan wrote, “June 6th Earthquake BAD". bro sounds like a caveman.”

Another fan can’t believe what the Boxer has to say and believes he is on “drugs”. The fan wrote, “Now i can confirm he is doing drugs.”


Another fan thinks that after his fight with Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia has lost himself. The fan wrote, “The guy is not the same since he was hit badly by Gervont Tank Davis. I guess he needs check-up”

Ryan Garcia's outlandish claims don't seem to make sense, and it's uncertain whether he'll keep his word and refrain from saying anything else unrelated to boxing. Hopefully, the people around him can help him reach a better place in his head.

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