Leaked Chats Hint at Major Update on Possible Jake Paul vs. Sean Strickland Boxing Match

Read to find out whether recent leaked chats between YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul and UFC fighter Sean Strickland hint at possible boxing match...

Published on Mar 01, 2024  |  08:26 AM IST |  88.8K
Image Courtesy : Getty Images
Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Crossover boxing and influencer boxing are two of the most exciting things happening the combat sports these days. We have witnessed multiple crossover fights from Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather to Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury. 

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul is one of the pioneers of these crossover boxing matches. Jake Paul has an impressive boxing record of 9 wins and only 1 loss. He has fought major names from UFC, Nate Diaz, Anderson Silva, and Tyron Woodley. 

A couple of days back a video of former UFC Champ Sean Strickland went viral on the internet where Sean Strickland was sparring popular Rumble stream Sneako. Tarzan went hard on Sneako and punched him brutally he didn’t even stop after his teammate dropped the towel. 

Strickland faced major backlash from the internet including fans and other fighters. Jake Paul was one of the guy who openly criticized Sean Strickland, Jake Paul even offered a sparring session to Sean Strickland in return for $1 million.

In recent an alleged leaked chat of Jake Paul and Sean Strickland went viral where both are negotiating a fight.

Jake Paul DM’d Strickland, “Can you come next week?  Any day works!  Will send you a plane.” 

Strickland responded, "I must my Twitter just seen this... What about a real fight?  Idk if I can get the UFC on board but with their involvement I think we can make it happen. Conor did it with Mayweather."


Jake Paul replied, “They'll never let you fight me but you can ask them.  I'm here ready to spar or fight lmk."  

Strickland replied, "I'm gonna talk to Hunter about a fight. Man that is a big f**king paycheck let me see what I can do.”

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Jake Paul calls out Sean Strickland for not sparring 

Jake Paul is set to fight Ryan Bourland this weekend, on the recent episode of BS/ w Jake Paul, he talked about sparring Sean Strickland and how according to him Strickland is trying to duck him.

“The guy seems to be having some sort a quarter-life crisis there and spazzing out on everyone trying to beat up some influencers and such,"

Paul expressed,  "It's a typical story of these UFC guys who call me out and then go quiet.  I said I'll send you to PJ.  I've got DMs.  I'll put the DMs up on the screen. I said I'll send you to PJ. Let me know where. We could spar for a million dollars.”

Jake Paul further expressed his views on Sean Strickland ducking by saying UFC won’t allow him to fight Jake Paul.

“All of a sudden it's, 'Oh, I would get sued by the UFC if I sparred Jake,' but you just sparred Sneako.  You could spar with anyone.  Contractually, in your UFC contract, it says nothing about sparring.” Jake Paul expressed.

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