EXCLUSIVE: Bosco Martis says dancing is an expressive exercise: It's something you should keep in your regime

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Choreographer-filmmaker Bosco Martis (Pic Credit: Bosco Martis / Instagram)

With a rise in the Covid 19 cases, stricter restrictions are imposed to curb the surge. However, while we are all locked up in our respective homes, it is also important to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit. In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, celebrated choreographer Bosco Martis recommends dance as a therapeutic measure, which can help one remain fit even at home. “Whether you are happy, sad or low, you can express it through dance. It's something that you should generally keep in your regime. Dancing is quite an expressive exercise, which also breaks all your inhibitions,” says Bosco. 

Does he recommend any particular form of dance? “In whatever way your body moves to music, that’s fine. You should not feel that you have to find a particular way of dancing, or a form like hip hop, jazz or contemporary. Whatever you feel comes out from your body, just express it. It's not a competition, and it’s something that will keep you alive and resurrect you. In such tough times I think you need that. It is an expression that you can generally showcase on your own, so no form, just dance,” states Bosco, recommending half an hour everyday for dancing. 

He further adds, “I posted some dance videos (on social media), and I saw that people were reacting so well. So I felt like whenever you feel you can entertain, you should do that. My film (Rocket Gang) is on, so that’s taking a lot of my time. Right now in lockdown we are at the editing stage. But whenever I get the time and if I can motivate somebody, then I think I should dance and bring a smile to people’s face, even if it is one person,” says Bosco, adding how dance has helped people in many ways. 

“I have heard a lot that people who are really low and out dancing has motivated them. Then those who cannot express themselves, dancing has helped them to do so. I have heard of people who are shy of talking, but then suddenly dancing becomes their medium of expression and communication,” states Bosco.

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