6 DIY eye masks that will get rid of your dark circles and work INSTANTLY

If you're not one of those who hit the bed at 9 pm to get those eight hours of necessary "beauty sleep", you know what it is like to wake up to under eye bags, dark circles and lines. Here's how to get rid of them immediately at home!

Updated on Mar 20, 2024  |  03:58 PM IST |  1.4M
6 DIY eye masks that will get rid of your dark circles and work INSTANTLY
6 DIY eye masks that will get rid of your dark circles and work INSTANTLY

Do you try to strategically hide your dark circles every morning before heading out, to try and look more human-like as opposed to a zombie? While a concealer can only brighten and do so much, it can wear out the skin under the eyes which is extremely thin and sensitive. The best way to care for this super sensitive area, is to opt for home remedies for it. Check out some of the simplest go-to remedies. 

Coffee Mask

All you need is one spoon of coffee, honey and Vitamin E oil. 
Mix the coffee with some water then add both the honey and Vitamin E oil and mix this well. Dip some cotton pads into this and freeze them in a bag. Then apply them on your eyes for around 15-20 minutes everyday for best results. 

Almond Oil and honey mask

If you are feeling too lazy to make something extravagant, just whip up a spoon of almond oil with a spoon of honey and apply this mixture under your eyes every night. Leave this on for 15 minutes before washing off. 
This fights against dull and sagging skin to make it look fresh the next morning. 

Aloe Vera and Carrot mask

An unlikely pair, both these ingredients have brightening properties and is a miraculous product! 
Combine some aloe vera gel and shredded carrot together and mix well. Use a brush slather this on below your eyes and leave on for around 15 minutes. Wash off and you will instantly feel refreshed and your eyes will feel lighter. 


Turmeric and Lemon mask

The magical ingredient all Indians swear by, turmeric is one which instantly brighten up anything and has healing qualities, Lemon contains bleaching properties and will instantly lighten skin. 
Take two spoons lemon juice and add a spoon of turmeric powder to this to create a paste. Apply it under your eyes and leave on for around 30 minutes. 
Once you wash it off, you will see instant  results with minimal dark circles. 

Potato and Mint mask

Blend a potato and mind leaves together to form a paste. Take a few cotton pads and dip them into this mixture. Place it in the freezer to freeze them. Once they are frozen, place them on your eyes for around 25 minutes. It will not only cool the eyes but remove dark circles as well!

Cucumber and Rose mask

One of the best DIY masks for dark circles and under-eye bags and dark circles. All you will need is half a cucumber and some rose water. Throw the two in a blender and allow it to cool for sometime in the refrigerator. Once cooled, dip a cotton ball in it and leave it on your eyelid for around 30 minutes. The two ingredients blended together instantly diminish under eye bags and reduce dark circles leaving the skin looking smooth and supple. 

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