A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do Eyebrow Slits with Style

Learn how to do eyebrow slits like a pro with our step-by-step comprehensive guide. Achieve trendy, edgy brows with style using our expert tips and techniques.

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How to Do Eyebrow Slits
How to Do Eyebrow Slits

Despite eyebrow slits causing a buzz on social media lately, the hip-hop community has been embracing them for a long time. Although it peaked in the 1990s, the trend is back with a bang because people are now using it as a means of expressing themselves. If you are curious about how to do eyebrow slits, fret not, because we have your back!

Recreating an eyebrow slit can be done by either shaving or plucking a small portion of your brow or using makeup to achieve the desired look. You can go for a singular, subtle slit or a more elaborate striped design. You can also use an eyeliner pencil to draw 2 vertical lines at a 60-degree angle toward the tail end of your brow. There are countless styles and you could go for anything that you prefer. 

In this article, we'll share tips on how to achieve the perfect eyebrow slit without making any mistakes. Elevate your everyday look with the bold and edgy style of eyebrow slits. Keep reading to learn more!


What You Will Need


How to Do Eyebrow Slits


If you're considering getting eyebrow slits, there are two options to choose from: going to a salon or doing it yourself. If you opt for the latter, you will need to get ready with a few tools. To learn how to do eyebrow slits as smoothly as possible, here are the essential things you need:


1. Disposable Razor: Make sure you use a new one for hygiene reasons. Pick clean tools. 


2. Electric Razor with a Small Cutting Head: This can be a useful alternative to a disposable razor. Check the shape and sharpness razor blade thoroughly.


3. Open-blade Razor: This razor can be more dangerous to use, so proceed with caution.


4. Shaving Foam Or Gel: Using either of these will help you achieve a closer, cleaner shave.


How to Do Eyebrow Slits


5. Ice: This will help soothe any irritation or redness that might occur after shaving.


6. Hydrogen Peroxide: It can be used to clean the shaved area and help prevent any infections.


7. Alcoholic Lotion: Applying an alcoholic lotion will help disinfect the area and prevent any irritation. If you feel that your skin it getting inflamed or irritated, apply antibiotic ointment.


How to Do Eyebrow Slits


8. Styling Gel Or Wax: Once the area is shaved, you may want to apply wax or gel to style your brows.



9. Tweezers: Tweezers will help you remove any stray hairs that were not caught by the razor.


10. Large Mirror: Make sure you have a large mirror so you can view the area you are shaving and check for any missed spots. Check if any pieces of tape are left on your face. 


How to Create Eyebrow Slits: Steps


How to Do Eyebrow Slits


Before diving into the trend of eyebrow slits, it is important to proceed with caution in order to avoid any embarrassing mishaps. Here are some essential steps to keep in mind when learning how to do eyebrow slits:


Step 1: Prepare Everything Necessary

It's crucial to have all the supplies ready for the process before beginning. Kick things off by cleansing your face of all makeup with a strong degreasing lotion that contains alcohol. 

For those whose skin is more prone to inflammation or swelling, a great option would be to prep it beforehand with either ice cubes or a compress. 



Step 2: Mark the Location of the Eyebrow Slit

Prior to beginning your shave, prepare yourself for a successful eyebrow slit by using a white liner pencil to precisely outline the desired angle and edges. Any slip-up during the shaving process could result in serious damage, leaving your brows mismatched and unruly. 

By taking the time to carefully map out the slit's placement and overall look ahead of time, you'll avoid any post-shave regrets and ensure the perfect outcome. You can also stick some tape on both side to make the location of the eyebrow slit. 


How to Do Eyebrow Slits


Step 3: Correct the Shape of the Eyebrow Arch

After marking the slit location with a pencil, it's essential to perfect the shape of your eyebrow's most important arch by plucking any unnecessary hairs using tweezers. While a razor will also work, it is advised to use tweezers for more durable results.


Step 4: Use a Razor At an Appropriate Angle

For those who use a razor, it's important to maintain a particular angle while shaving and opt for small, tender strokes. Begin by gradually trimming the hairs in the region where you intend to create the slit. If you still struggle with unsightly slits, promptly apply peroxide or alcohol to treat the affected skin.


If you are confident in your skills, you may opt for an open-blade razor to perform the procedure. However, it is crucial to sharpen it adequately beforehand to avoid any unwanted scratching on the skin.


Alternate Methods:

If you are looking for safer alternatives to sharp objects, here are two methods that could work wonders for you:

1. The first is an electric razor with a cutting attachment. It'll take only a short while for you to use it and choose the specific area you want to trim or shave without risking the sharp edges of a traditional razor. 

2. Another fantastic option is to go to a cosmetics store and get some eyebrow wax strips. This popular hair removal tool is a favourite among many young girls, so it's definitely worth trying out for yourself! 

By following these steps, you can effortlessly attain a stylish slit eyebrow. Just take your time and approach the process with utmost care — soon you'll be owning your chic, modern style.


How to Do an Eyebrow Slit with Makeup?


How to Do Eyebrow Slits


If you are looking to experiment with a bold new look but not quite ready to commit to permanent changes, then creating eyebrow slits with makeup is a great place to start. With just a few simple steps, you can achieve this edgy trend without any invasive procedures.


1. Start by selecting a liquid foundation or eyebrow concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly. 

2. Apply it generously to the area where you want your eyebrow slits. 

3. To create more defined edges, use an eyebrow pencil to carefully trace around your forehead. Avoid jumping over the cracks, as this can make the contrast less noticeable.

4. Once you're happy with the shape, set the makeup with a loose powder. This will help your new look last all day long. 

Making slits in eyebrows with makeup is great since it's quite simple to take them out when you want to try something new. Keep in mind that this technique works best for those with thin or sparse eyebrows. If you have thicker brows, consider trimming and thinning them out first for a more authentic appearance. 


Tips to Create Eyebrow Slits


How to Do Eyebrow Slits


Creating slits in eyebrows is a quick and easy process, but there are essential tips and precautions you must keep in mind before going ahead with it.

1. If you pluck your eyebrows too aggressively, you could end up with permanent alopecia and struggle with regrowth forever. So, think twice before picking up those tweezers.

2. Make certain that all tools used during the process are cleansed and disinfected. Refrain from employing razors or electric trimmers that are not your own. This is imperative for safety and hygiene purposes.

3. Be gentle during the process and shave only as much as needed. Overdoing it could lead to an unpleasant result or even cause harm.

4. If you get a cut, ensure to use an antiseptic liquid to avoid any infections.

5. Keep in mind that eyebrow slits are often linked with gang culture and violence. Make sure that the people around you are not offended by this form of self-expression before proceeding.

Eyebrow slits, once exclusive to celebrity culture, are now more popular than ever. The trend may have been popularized by Tom Hardy, Jason Momoa, Lesley Ann Brandt, and Zayn Malik, but it's up to you to give it your unique twist and make it your own. 

Don't hesitate any longer now that you know how to do eyebrow slits. Unleash your artistic spirit and make those slits pop! Just remember to be careful when shaping them and avoid using scissors. 

And if you accidentally shave off a bit too much, fear not! Your trusty eyebrow pencil will come to the rescue, allowing you to easily conceal any unwanted gaps. It's time to make a dramatic statement with your eyebrows, so go ahead and let your creative juices flow!




Do eyebrow slits grow back in?
Yes, eyebrow slits do grow back in. However, the time it takes for eyebrow hair to regrow can vary from person to person. Additionally, if the eyebrow slits were created by shaving or cutting the hair, there may be a risk of the hair growing back thicker and coarser. In these circumstances, it could take longer for the hair to regrow completely.

What does the slit in the eyebrow mean?
The slit in the eyebrow is a fashion trend that has become popular among some people. It is a deliberate shaving of a line in the eyebrow, which creates a unique and edgy look. While some people may associate the slit with certain subcultures or fashion movements, ultimately, the slit is a personal choice and does not have a specific meaning.

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