Rain water: The best thing for your skin or the worst? All the myths and beliefs debunked

The old grandmother's tale says that there is nothing better than the first shower for the body. Does it still hold true? Find out!

Updated on Mar 20, 2024  |  03:52 PM IST |  1.8M
Rain water: The best thing for your skin or the worst? All the myths and beliefs debunked
Rain water: The best thing for your skin or the worst? All the myths and beliefs debunked

Back in the day, children and adults alike used to revel in the monsoon showers. It was considered as the cleanest form of water - distilled and pure with absolutely no impurities whatsoever. The myth was that this water was not only excellent for the hair, skin and plants, but was the best for consumption as well. Rain water, mainly the first rain was known to cure everything from prickly heat to curing dandruff. But in today's climate where chemicals and pollutants and dirt is always present in the air, how much of this holds true? 

Today, the air is filled with pollutants from vehicle emissions which mix with the humidity and in turn increase the content of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide in the air. With every shower, the rain water brings this down therefore now making this water hazardous for consumption and the skin and hair. 

Rain water for skin:

According to skin experts, the idea that rain water is good for the skin is a myth. All the first shower does is act as a relief from the intense heat. It is more of a psychological comfort when we get drenched in the rain. 

The first shower, is usually full of dirt and pollutants and does nothing for the skin or any of its conditions. 

Instead, because of the high level of pollutants present in this water, it may cause skin eruptions and can make the skin dirty. It may even heighten the chances of a skin infection. 


Rain water for hair:

When the rain water gets on the hair, it tends to make it sticky and dull. 

The water tends to damage the cuticle and make it rough and dry. 

If the water has a high pH level, it can cause burns on the scalp and turn it brittle and limp causing it to lose its natural sheen and luster. 

Because of the added humidity, lice ten to grow very easily during this season. 

Here is how you can control the damage that rain water does to your hair and skin:

Take a bath once you get home - clean your entire body and hair well and dry it well. 

To avoid breakouts on your skin, follow the cleansing, toning and moisturising routine. 

Apply sunscreen despite there bring no sun. This added layer will help in protecting your skin. 

Keep your hair well hydrated with serum to protect it from damage.


Keep your scalp dry and use appropirate shampoos to ensure lice don't grow in the hair. 

At the end of the day, it is important to stay as dry as possible and enjoy the weather from indoor.  

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