Trying out a WHACKY new hair colour? Read these 8 secrets NOBODY tells you, before you dye your hair

Hint: It is a LOT of work!

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Are you inspired by all those pictures on Instagram with crazy bright and pastel colours? Are you thinking about taking the plunge and going bold by getting vibrant hair colours like teal, turquoise, orange, red, purple or pink? Or do you already have streaks and want to do something crazy this time? Well, there are MANY things your hairdresser might skip out on telling you before giving your hair that wild colour because it comes with its own set of problems.

So, before you turn into that punkster and channel your inner Katy Perry, here are some facts about hair colour that nobody tells you!

It is expensive

From booking multiple sessions at the salon to investing in great serums, shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos styling equipment, etc. colouring your hair is going to cost you a bomb! If you are not okay with shelling out a ton of cash, think twice about your decision. 

The colour stains EVERYTHING

From your clothes to your towel and even your pillowcase, expect all the items your hair touches to get coloured by it. Think of it as your very own Midas touch! Your hair is sure to bleed colour for the next 4-5 washes so make sure you keep away from all things white or light coloured. Unless you want to opt for some tie and dye funky new trend with the colour only at the back! 


Upkeep is important

If you do not maintain your hair, it could end up looking like an experiment gone wrong. Frayed hair post the fading of colour, dry and unconditioned ends, too much dry shampoo, etc. could lead to you looking more of a mess. Even after your colour has faded, make sure to pay attention to your hair to make sure it looks clean and healthy at all times. 

You can't wash your hair as often as you used to

Consider this a blessing and invest in a lot of good dry shampoo. You are going to need it. Your vibrant colour is sure to fade within DAYS. Even colour-safe shampoos and conditioners don't work as well as they promise to. Washing your hair often makes the colour fade faster. And the brighter your colour, the faster it is sure to fade. And when it fades, you will be lucky if it fades gracefully into an amazing colour. 


You need a LOT of patience and commitment

The colour you want may not be achievable in one go. If you want mermaid hair, you may have to withstand multiple sessions of colouring and bleaching to achieve the right shade and tone you want. For this, you need to be committed to going to the salon every couple of days. It might take even longer if you have previously coloured your hair as some of that colour might remain. 

You WILL need to bleach your hair

If you want a funky colour, (think aquamarine blue, violet, pastel pink, silver, etc.) bleaching is mandatory unless you have blonde hair. This is because it is easier to dye lighter hair than darker since the colour won't show. If you have ultra-black hair, you may have to bleach your hair multiple times for it to become light enough! 

Make split ends your bff


It is a known fact that bleach is bad for your hair. Post colouring your hair, it might feel smooth and silky, until - wait for it! In a few weeks, your hair is sure to feel and look rough and straw-like. Bleach easily breaks your hair, makes it thin, knotted and dry which leads to split ends. 

Refrain from colouring your hair wild shades from the roots

ALWAYS start from two inches above your roots. You do not want the harmful chemicals damaging the excellent base of your hair. Colouring or bleaching your hair from the root can lead to early greying and breakage. 

Clearly, in this scenario, spontaneity is not a good idea! There is a lot to think about and manage when it comes to looking and going bold. 

Have you ever had a hair colour gone wrong? What did you do about it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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