Winter ruining your hair? THESE home made deep conditioners from your kitchen will improve your MANE game

Get rid of those chemical-laden conditioners and pick out something from your kitchen!

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Has it ever happened that when you run your fingers through your hair you expect it to glide smoothly like in advertisements, but instead, your fingers get all tangled up in the knots? Does your hair feel dry and frizzy? Do you look at your favourite celebrity's hair and wonder if it is all real? Because, trust us, it is! 

Winter tends to make hair dry and easily breakable, ruining its texture completely. But there are some ingredients that can make your hair - the hair of your dreams! And the best part? They all come from your kitchen! Here are some quick and easy home remedies that will bring back your hair's lost lustre and give it that dazzling shine again!

Banana hair mask

Banana is the best fruit created for hair. Mix one banana with three spoons of milk and a dash of honey and some olive oil and apply the thick paste on your hair. Leave the deep conditioning mask on your hair for around 30 minutes and wash off. Let your hair air dry or style it as you wish but your hair will look like a million bucks!

Apple cider vinegar conditioner

Barely two spoons of apple cider will do the trick and make everybody jealous of your luscious locks. Mix it with a dash of honey and a cup of water. Shampoo your hair as usual and then pour this mixture on the tips and avoid the roots completely. Refrain from pouring water on your hair after this. All the ingredients work well together to tame and smoothen your mane. 


Yogurt and egg deep conditioner

Beat one egg well in a bowl and add around three spoons of yogurt to it. Mix it well and then massage it onto your head - from roots to tips. Leave the mask on for around 15 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo to get the smell out. 

Honey, lemon and oil

If all these three ingredients work so well separately, imagine how well they will work together! We assure you that this mixture of two spoons of oil (olive/coconut/lavender/rosemary), two spoons of honey and some lemon juice not only help in smoothening the hair but also stimulate it to grow thicker, faster. 

Aloe vera and lemon

We have come to the conclusion that aloe vera is one ingredient that is good for the soul. And yet again, it does not disappoint. Mix up some aloe vera gel with a spoon of lemon juice and apply it on your hair after you shampoo it. The shine in your hair post this conditioner is sure to dazzle everybody and make you the epitome of hair goals!


Mayonnaise and rosemary

It may sound weird to put the yummiest spread for bread on your hair, but mayo is literally the best thing that can happen to your hair. It is filled with moisture that will hydrate your hair and leave it well-nourished. Add some rosemary oil to it, and leave the mixture in your hair for half an hour before washing off. This will leave your hair smelling, feeling and looking its best. 

Avocado and coconut oil

Both these ingredients are known to do brilliant things for the hair. There's nothing like a classic champi. Mix it up with some smashed avocado and apply it evenly all across your hair. It is yet another moisture-rich remedy that will leave your hair feeling like its straight out of a parlour session. 

The essential minerals present in all these natural ingredients nourish the scalp, aid in hair growth and leave it feeling like silk! 


Have you tried any of these combinations? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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