6 movies-shows of Steven Yeun to add to your watchlist as actor wins his first Golden Globe; check out

Steven Yeun is one of the most sought-after actors in his generation and has been part of some fantastic films and TV shows. Let’s look back at his career as he wins the Golden Globe.

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Steven Yeun has proven himself to be one of the most reliable actors of his generation. He has been able to portray wildly different characters in some of the best projects of the last few years. His rise has been nothing short of monumental, especially on the back of some really acclaimed films, many of which have already gained cult status.

Here are some of his best films and TV shows that one can watch as the actor bagged the Golden Globe in the best actor category in a miniseries or anthology.

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Best Films and TV Shows starring Steven Yeun

1. The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead is a show that needs no introduction. It has been one of the most popular shows of all time, as well as a very well-acclaimed one in its initial seasons. One of the best characters that the show ever had was none other than Steven Yeun’s Glenn. The actor was so good in that role that his unfortunate exit from the show led to the quality of the whole show deteriorating as well.


2. Okja:

Bong Joon Ho is a name every film lover knows. The Oscar-winning director of Parasite had previously made a film about the environmental dangers in the form of Okja. Steven Yeun was part of an ensemble cast that included Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano as well.

3. Mayhem:

Starring alongside Samara Weaving in this action comedy, Steve Yeun plays a lawyer who is fired from his job but is instantly caught up in an apocalyptic situation that leads to severe violence. The film is a wildly entertaining, action-packed ride perfect for a cathartic experience.

4. Burning:

 In this film by acclaimed Korean director Lee Chang-dong, Yeun gives one of the best performances of his career that ultimately elevates the film and leaves a lingering yet disturbing impression. It’s a film that grows on you and makes you think about many things in your life—a complete and utterly hypnotic odyssey into three characters' lives.

5. Minari:

Minari is not just a film; it’s a representation of the migrant experience told through very engaging and subtle filmmaking. Steven Yeun gives a performance of a lifetime in this and makes a memorable impression on everyone’s mind. This film also helped Yeun bag a nomination for Best Actor at the Oscars.

6. Beef:

Without a doubt, the crowning jewel of Steven Yeun’s career so far, as well as the project that landed him his first Golden Globe award. This engrossing show is a dark comedy that wildly plays with genres and big ideas and makes an impression nevertheless. It’s a binge-able show that you just can’t put down and has two of the best performances by Steven Yeun and Ali Wong.

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