A Family Affair Ending Explained: Does Zara's Mom Brooke And Chris Cole Reconcile? Here's What Happened

A Family Affair on Netflix follows Hollywood heartthrob Chris Cole as he falls for his assistant's mother, sparking a whirlwind romance that tests family ties and personal ambitions.

Published on Jun 30, 2024  |  07:47 PM IST |  101.7K
A Family Affair Ending Explained (Youtube/Netflix)

A Family Affair is Netflix's new romantic comedy directed by Richard Lagravenese. It stars Zac Efron as Chris Cole, a famous actor known for his demanding nature and playboy reputation. His assistant, Zara (Joey King), dreams of becoming a producer but feels stuck cleaning up after Chris and running his errands.

A Family Affair: Does Zara accept her mother and Chris's relationship?

When Zara realizes Chris won't help her career, she quits. To win her back, Chris visits Zara's home and meets her mom, Brooke (Nicole Kidman), a successful writer. Despite Zara's shock, and age gap of 16-year Chris and Brooke engage in a romantic relationship.

The movie mixes romance with humor as all three characters navigate their unusual situation. At 24, Zara learns about producing and bringing people together in Hollywood.

The story reaches a climax during Christmas with Zara's grandma, Leila (Kathy Bates). Leila encourages Brooke to move on from her late husband and invites Chris to join them. Despite initial doubts, Chris admits it's his best Christmas in years. But when Zara finds breakup earrings in Chris's bag (earrings that he gives to every woman when he aims to break up), she urges her mom to end things.

Zara's friend Genie (Liza Koshy) and grandmother help her see things differently, and Zara realizes Chris isn't all bad. Chris confesses he considered leaving Brooke out of habit but now sees how special she is. Zara understands Chris's fame makes him lonely and that he and her mom belong together.


Does Chris and Brooke reconcile? 

However, Brooke plans to move to Princeton, complicating their future. Zara, wanting her mom happy, sets up a surprise reunion for Chris and Brooke at a local store. They reconcile, and Chris expresses his commitment.

A year later, Brooke and Chris are still together, with Brooke publishing a new book. Zara embraces their relationship and excels as a producer, applying lessons learned from her time as Chris's assistant. Chris moves beyond his previous roles, finding renewed success.

In the end, A Family Affair is about love, growth, and finding family in unexpected places. It's streaming now on Netflix for those looking for romance and laughs in a Hollywood setting.

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