‘Don't Know What I Am Doing': Jay Ellis Reveals He Is Both Nervous And Excited About Welcoming Second Child

Jay Ellis shares his excitement and fears about welcoming his second child with his wife, Nina Senicar, as he prepares to release his life memoir.

Published on Jun 06, 2024  |  04:58 PM IST |  28.8K
Jay Ellis Reveals Being ‘Terrified’ As He Gears Up To Welcome Baby No 2
Jay Ellis (PC: Instagram/jayrellis)

Jay Ellis is preparing to become a father once more, sharing his feelings about the upcoming arrival of his second child. The Insecure star expressed a mix of nerves and joy as he gets ready to welcome another baby into his life. Ellis admitted that taking care of one child was already a handful, so the thought of having a second one definitely adds an intriguing twist to his parenting journey.

Jay Ellis reveals being terrified to welcome baby no. 2

Ellis got candid about his thoughts of being a dad all over again as his wife, Nina Senicar, gets pregnant with their second child. During a pre-publication event for his new memoir, Did Everyone Have an Imaginary Friend (or Just Me?), Ellis told PEOPLE that he is terrified yet excited to welcome their second baby as handling one baby was quite a task for him. The actor further affirmed that two kids are enough for the couple and they are not planning to extend their family beyond this. 

Ellis shared, “I'm terrified. One kid was crazy. Two kids, come on, man. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm very excited. I think two is enough. It's where it ends…I think I finally achieved some version of calm in my house and now it's about to be chaos all over again.”


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Jay Ellis is prepared to face the upcoming chaos with his second child 

Ellis and Senicar welcomed their first baby, a daughter named Nora, back in 2019. Nina Senicar shared the exciting news of being pregnant again as she dropped a pic on Instagram, flaunting her second baby bump. She captioned, “And just like that… Baby Nr. 2 loading!” Despite the overburdening responsibilities that will come with the new child, Ellis is all prepared to welcome the new “chaos” with a big smile. 

The Top Gun: Maverick actor shared his optimism to nurture another kid as he looks forward to growing his second child with all goodness. He remarked, “What is life if we're not experiencing chaos and figuring out how to navigate it? I get the opportunity to bring another kid into the world and hopefully do something good, do some good, and leave them with something good. Hopefully, they get to move through the world with some of the things that I'm able to teach them and do some good themselves.”


Nora Grace and Jay Ellis (PC: Instagram/ ninasenicar)

With the upcoming baby, Ellis will also release his memoir on July 30, 2024. His memoir follows his life journey from childhood, revealing intricate details from being raised in a military family, to his special bond with Mikey and an imaginary friend of his childhood. 

“I think there's a vulnerability thing, too, that I didn't clock. I was going to have to open up in a way where it was me opening up versus me performing a character who's opening up,” the actor added, acknowledging that writing his memoir helped him to understand himself better. “There's so many little things that make us who we are. I don't think I really realized how much so many things influenced who I am today until I wrote the book.” 

With Ellis gearing up to release his memoir, the new phase of his life of being a dad of two is surely gonna overwhelm him with new responsibilities. As the actor looks forward to embracing his upcoming future filled with baby chaos, his memoir serves as a stark reflection of his past, allowing his fans to understand him better. 


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What is Jay Ellis known for?
Jay Ellis is known for his roles on The Game, Insecure, Top Gun: Maverick, and many more.

Does Jay Ellis have children?
Yes, Jay Ellis and Nina Senicar have a daughter named Nora Grace and are expecting their second child.

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