Emilia Clarke Shares She Likes to Live to Her 'Fullest' With When She Has the 'Time'; Deets Inside

Emilia Clarke describes her ideal night with family and friends as one filled with activities, emphasizing that she loves the doing of things.

Published on Jun 14, 2024  |  01:32 PM IST |  37.7K
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Emilia Clarke also lavishes family and friends because of her most filled schedules on travels for her works and projects. She encourages people and hopes that they do cherish the time with their family and friends because she loves participating in numerous activities with them.

In the interview on Pegasus Distillerie, she is also quick to admit that most of her activities include some drinking that is commonly associated with celebration. Among the various alcoholic products produced by Pegasus Distillerie are Pegasus Vodka, Eau d’ Or Liqueur, and Orion Gin which Clarke noted that he was partial to.

There was a very special scene that has to do with Clarke and drinks and that is when she takes a sip of something either because she wants to or because it is part of the celebration of a moment or being with those she holds dear to her heart. Having closely read this text, one learnt that her list of favourite activities is inexhaustible and quite a variety. She likes sporting cultural activities such as going for a drink at a pub, watching comedy, having meals in great restaurants, going to the theatre, taking a boat cruise on the Thames and travelling during holidays. Clarke understands that people love to have fun and therefore makes every trip or gathering an opportunity to make unforgettable moments with friends/ families.

Emilia Clarke: From nightclubs to curated playlists and cosy gatherings

When Emilia Clarke was younger, she did not prefer the nightclubs like many celebrities of her age but with the growth of ages, she seems to have changed their favourite hang-out places. Though she still enjoys city life, she has upgraded from clubs to lovely restaurants. As for gatherings, these happen at home ordinarily if there is a large number of people such as family members.


Whether it is the fictional hangout or the real-life Bay City, one cannot fail to note that a significant source of pleasure for Clarke is a carefully selected playlist, which she deems to be brilliant. She ensures that in as much as she is communicating through singing, she has to choose songs depending on the occasion. Upon the arrival of the guests, she uses soft and happy songs with a slight facial rhythm to avoid giving the guests the creeps.

To further illustrate, during the night, the songs playing are switched to those that uplift the atmosphere and make people jump up. At last, the wind of the night arrives late into the night and the music is eventually turned down into something very laid back and relaxing. Indeed, Clarke is passionate and comprehensive in her approach towards investing in music to instil the perfect mood to make every moment shared with friends and family extra special and worth remembering.


Emilia Clarke partners with Pegasus Distillerie

English actress Emilia Clarke aka Khaleesi of Game of Thrones fame is officially a Pegasus Distillerie woman and is thrilled to be the brand’s newest Global Brand Ambassador. French-born Pegasus Distillerie started as a producer of premium organic spirits that others enjoy today for delivering their products directly to their consumers’ doorsteps through its website and in New York, California and Florida.

A month ago, a nad limited edition meteorite-infused ultra-premium vodka called Shooting Star was launched by Pegasus Distillerie, which caused enthusiasm in Clarke and goes on to define delicious and so good.

In his final scene, Clarke expresses careful affection towards the company while endorsing their passion for the work and ingredients. One of her reasons for admiring them is that they dedicate their time and energy to producing quality products with utmost precision she also finds satisfaction in taking her time to take a good seemingly perfect drink.


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