Kanye West Ends Online Sales For Yeezy Website; The Shutdown Comes After Major Price Reductions

Kanye West’s Yeezy website stopped accepting new orders on July 3, 2024, just months after a high-profile Super Bowl launch with $20 Yeezy Pods. The closure follows the Yews News shutdown.

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Is Kanye West shutting down the Yeezy website? The online shopping portal of the Vultures rapper, who now goes by Ye, posted an announcement on Wednesday, July 3, warning shoppers that the site is “no longer accepting online purchases.” The yeezy.com homepage is now essentially blank, providing visitors with just the date and time.

The aforementioned announcement, however, noted in other parts that “all existing orders will be fulfilled” while providing a 7,371 figure, not exactly stating whether the number denotes the orders remaining to be fulfilled or something else. 

Kanye revealed the website during the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday, February 11. 

Is Kanye’s Yeezy done? The rapper's fashion line also dramatically slashed prices for its goods

Prices for all merchandise available for purchase on the Donda rapper’s website, including Yeezy Pods, which previously retailed for around $200, were cut down to $20 after Kanye announced the website in a commercial at this year's final football showdown.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the rapper and designer shared his aspirations behind the dramatic move. “Gap didn't take it to $20 the way I wanted to because they were still trying to protect the classism of the idea of Balenciaga and the idea of Gap,” Ye said, aiming at his previous collaborators. He even promised he would be crediting back $180 to all customers who purchased the Yeezy Pods at its original price.


Needless to say, the move skyrocketed the sales on the website soon, with thousands clamoring to seal the best deal. On February 12, Kanye revealed the sales numbers in a now-deleted Instagram post. He shared that 294,357 orders had been placed in less than 24 hours after the commercial aired, totaling $19.3 million in sales. “The people have spoken,” the Yeezy founder captioned the post.

The rapper has yet to comment on why the site has seemingly shut down or whether it will be back to business in the future. 

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Kanye’s news website Yews News also recently closed shop

The links to the news website, which included a mix of original content and news articles pulled from contemporary media outlets, were removed from yeezy.com in May. It's unclear if the shutdowns of both Yews News and yeezy.com are related or if Kanye West is just having a bad Tuesday.

The rapper has notably been having a bad streak over the past few years, being embroiled in all sorts of controversy ranging from financial and legal woes to bad business calls. The most damning of it all for his career as a public figure, however, was when Ye delivered consecutive anti-Semitic comments, which caused considerable damage to his brand.


To his credit, the rapper did issue an apology to the community. 

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Will existing Yeezy orders be fulfilled?
Yes, the announcement mentioned that “all existing orders will be fulfilled.”

What changes were made to the Yeezy website?
The yeezy.com homepage is now essentially blank, providing visitors with just the date and time.

Did Kanye West make any significant changes to the pricing of Yeezy products?
Yes, prices for all merchandise, including Yeezy Pods, were dramatically slashed from around $200 to $20.

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