Sister Wives: 6 Reasons Why Robyn Brown May Not Be As Bad As Presumed; Explored

Robyn Brown, often viewed as the most divisive member in Sister Wives, may not be as villainous as presumed. Despite causing drama, her dedication to the Brown family suggests a different perspective.

Published on Jul 06, 2024  |  05:38 PM IST |  21.4K
Robyn Brown (YouTube/TLC)

Robyn Brown, often seen as one of the least loved cast members of Sister Wives, has adopted some divisive traits from her spouse, Kody Brown. Her arrival into one of the most renowned polygamous families caused significant drama, transforming an otherwise happy family into one plagued by issues.

Robyn continuously showed her commitment to her family despite being blamed for creating divisions within the Brown household. So, can we see her from a different angle? She might not be as bad as some consider. Does she truly deserve the villain label, after all? 

She is emotionally charged

Robyn's tendency to cry earned her the moniker 'Sobbin' Robyn,' but her deep emotions are simply a sign of her big heart. Interestingly, Robyn helped Meri through her first marital difficulties with Kody following the catfishing incident. She also showed great concern for Janelle, Meri, and Christine's children during the early years of her marriage to Kody. Even though relationships are very fragile and complex nowadays, Robyn's emotional support is priceless and challenges her villain label.  

She is someone who knows how to handle criticism

While Robyn occasionally cries, she generally maintains her composure when faced with criticism, unlike Kody, who frequently lets his emotions get the better of him. Although Robyn has previously made hurtful remarks about the other wives' weights, she usually refrains from going low. She has even been accused of playing the victim, which contributes to her villainous image. However, Robyn doesn't always resort to rudeness when handling her own criticisms; she'd much rather let Kody handle it. 


This behavior may be seen as manipulative, or it might reflect Robyn's tendency to resolve disputes amicably. As Kody's favorite wife, she knew she had a target on her back and wanted to minimize potential enmity. However, accepting criticism with grace is always an admirable effort, especially after ten years of working in reality TV. 

Robyn's effort to keep the family united

Robyn did everything in her power to keep the Brown family together, even though Kody's feelings for her ultimately caused them to fall apart. She advocated for candid communication and frequent family gatherings, aiming to resolve problems and strengthen family ties. Her support of family events and her belief in maintaining unity despite the challenges of their multiple marriages were clear proof of her commitment to harmony. However, their polygamous way of life seemed destined to end in monogamy.

Robyn loves all kids 

Although Robyn has frequently been accused of favoring her own children over the Brown family as a whole, she has also expressed her love for each and every one of the Brown children. She has made efforts to reduce the distance between herself and the other wives' kids, helping both her stepchildren and her biological children. Robyn is incredibly compassionate, and her concern for Paedon and his siblings showed her profound empathy for the other Brown kids.


Robyn has always been a supportive wife to Kody

After Kody's divorces from Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown, Robyn remains his only wife. She has consistently supported Kody, as evidenced by her 2023 interview comment, "I'm not going anywhere. We're sticking this out." Robyn has played a crucial role in the family by resolving conflicts with her former sister wives and ensuring the needs of all family members are considered. Despite her negative reputation, she has served as a stabilizing force, providing practical and emotional support during challenging times. 

Robyn's dedication to Sister Wives

Despite potentially contributing to Kody's failed marriages, Robyn remains committed to her role as a long-term member of Sister Wives, using the platform to openly share her personal challenges with Kody and other cast members. Since joining the show, she has maintained a transparent approach to her life. 

Robyn is often portrayed as an easy villain, and much of the criticism directed at her is valid. During the pandemic, she ultimately prioritized safety over justice, despite her efforts to keep the family united. While it's justified to critique Robyn, it is also important to recognize that she is not always devoid of empathy. 


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