Sister Wives Season 19 Premiere Updates, Major Storylines, What to Expect & More

After splitting from Kody Brown, Sister Wives' ex-partners are thriving, embracing fresh beginnings with confidence and grace.

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Mykelti Brown and her spouse, Tony Padron, have recently been active on YouTube, where they shared exciting news with their fans. In a recent video, Mykelti revealed that they are relocating from Utah to North Carolina, embarking on a new adventure for their family. 

Mykelti stated that her mother, Christine Brown, had expressed her enthusiasm for their journey and had responded positively to their decision. Then she explained that, while Christine was upset that they were leaving her, she understood their decisions because they were providing for their family.

Upcoming season 19 spoilers and confusion

Regarding the upcoming Season 19 of Sister Wives, a Reddit user shared some potential spoilers. According to this user, the new season is expected to premiere in late August or early September. 

They also claimed that Mykelti has been teasing fans about what to expect, saying that the season would feature Christine and David dating as well as her pregnancy with the twins. However, the accuracy of these teasers was not established at the time.

The Browns' fans are eagerly awaiting the new season to see how the family's dynamics unfold with these new developments. The truth is, though, that Christine wed David Woolley back in October. In fact, a TLC special was taped during the event.

The delay in airing episodes of "Sister Wives" has become a source of frustration for fans, with some episodes falling significantly behind actual events. This delay was highlighted by an irate Reddit user who thought it was absurd that the show was so far behind. 


They mentioned watching a wedding-related program earlier and being surprised to see Christine suddenly dating the man she had married. This timeline discrepancy can cause confusion and disconnect for viewers, particularly when it comes to major life events involving the cast members.

The Reddit poster also expressed concerns about how the program would manage the sudden death of Garrison Brown. Garrison Brown, the 25-year-old son of Janelle and Kody Brown, is said to have committed suicide on March 4. The timeframe of the episode and how this tragedy is portrayed in Season 19 are not entirely clear.

This case highlights a common issue with reality TV shows that aren't shown live. Because of decisions made by the network, production timetables, and editing processes, episodes could not be in line with current affairs. This can irritate users who would rather see more current and relevant content. Furthermore, considering how far behind the program is in real-time, it raises concerns about how sensitive subjects are handled. 


Fans' reactions to Janelle's tribute to Garrison

After the unfortunate event, several fans stated their opinion that the show should be canceled. They believed that, given the circumstances, it would be improper to continue the show. However, if Sister Wives decided to ignore the tragedy and concentrate on things that happened in the summer of 2023, then it was expected that a lot more would rebel.

Janelle tweeted in April to wish Garrison a happy birthday and express how much she missed him. She went on to describe how grateful she was that they could see one another again after her experience had finished, and how she could still feel his presence on occasion. Janelle emphasized in her words how much she adored Garrison and believed they would meet again in the afterlife.

Fans were extremely moved by Janelle's touching statement, which expressed her continuous relationship with Garrison. Despite the difficulties and sadness they experienced, Janelle's tweet expressed hope and faith in an eternity in which they would be reunited.


Fans' responses revealed a range of feelings overall, from appreciation for Janelle's strength in handling the loss to sadness over Garrison's passing. Online comments emphasized how the Sister Wives community was affected by Garrison's passing and how important it is to honor him on his birthday.

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