Stephen King Showers Praises On Jeremy Renner For Returning To Mayor Of Kingstown Following His Deadly Snowplow Accident

Stephen King praised Avengers star Jeremy Renner as he returned to the Mayor of Kingstown after surviving the deadly snowplow accident in January last year.

Published on Jul 06, 2024  |  01:59 AM IST |  47.1K
Jeremy Renner in Avengers via Marvel Studio YouTube

Stephen King is all praise for the series, Mayor of Kingsown, and the actor Jeremy Renner, who marked his return to the screens after surviving a deadly snowplow accident. Over the July 4th holiday, King caught up on the Hugh Dillon-created Paramount+ series, which starred Renner in the title role. The author took to his X account to share good words for the Hawk Eye actor. 

While King claimed that he was not sure what was going on in the show, he was loving every scene of it. The writer lauded the acting of the cast members and defined Renner as a “badass” actor. 

Stephen King’s kind words for Jeremy Renner

On his social media account, the author of fantasy novels shared a sweet note for the makers of Mayor of Kingstown and the Marvel star, claiming that he loved the show. King wrote, “I have no f***ing clue what’s going on in THE MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN, but I love this show.”

The novelist added, “It reminds me of THE SHIELD and SONS OF ANARCHY. I had no fucking idea what was going on in those, either.”

For Renner, who got back on the show after being injured in the snowplow accident, King wrote, What I know is Mike McLusky drives around in a badass Lincoln Connie. That’s all I need to know. Also, that guy Bunny [Tobi Bamtefa] is a badass. Also, Jeremy Renner is a badass who got run over by a snowplow and came back for Season F*cking Three!” 


Renner portrays the character of Mike McLusky in the show, who serves as the mayor of the Michigan town. The narrative of the show follows the McLusky family, who work as mediators between the gangs, police, prisoners, and criminals. 

The drama in the series keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, as Renner’s character is determined to solve the cases.


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Jeremy Renner on playing challenging roles

The Avengers: Endgame actor has made his return to the industry after the snowplow accident of 2023; however, the actor claims that he is not yet ready to take on physically challenging roles. On the Smartless podcast, Renner claimed that he does not have the energy or fuel to shoot tiring action sequences in movies anymore. 

The actor shared, “I have so much fuel to put into this reality, this body, all this stuff. I can’t just go play make-believe right now. Because that takes a lot of time to get right here every day just so I can have a positive thought, so I can progress, so I can always keep growing.”


Jeremy Renner recovered from 38 broken bones and spent 12 days in the hospital after he was run over by a snowplow. 


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What was Jeremy Renner's accident?
Jeremy Renner got run over by a snowplow in January 2023.

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