Sweet Tooth Series Finale Explained By Creator Jim Mickle; Find Out

Jim Mickle is the creator of the Netflix series Sweet Tooth. The series recently came out with its series finale.

Published on Jun 12, 2024  |  09:31 PM IST |  78.3K
Jim Mickle (PC: Getty Images)
Jim Mickle (PC: Getty Images)

Sweet Tooth came out with the series finale recently. This Netflix series is led by Christian Convery who plays the role of Gus.

The series follows the story of Gus who is a half-human and half-deer boy. The show creator Jim Mickle spoke about the ending of the show in a recent interview. He also spoke about the possibility of a Season 4. This is what happens at the end of Season 3 of Sweeet Tooth.

How did the Sick begin?

Gus, Wendy, Becky, and Big Man decide to go to Alaska to find Gus’ mother. The group meets Dr. Aditya Singh on their way. The character is played by Adeel Khan in the show. The group is being chased by Helen Zhang who has her mind set on targeting hybrids and eventually bringing back the natural order by human births. 

The audience learns the Sick originated when Captain James Thacker traveled to Alaska.  Thacker originally takes the journey to Alaska to find a cure for all the illnesses. On his expedition he finds a cave with a tree located within, the tree contains the blood of the earth.  Things go wrong when James attempts to get his hands on the blood. He and his crew get to catch the Sick which in turn makes the first hybrid. 

Sweet Tooth | Final Season Official Trailer- Youtube

This knowledge proves that Gus was not the first hybrid to exist. The Sick ceases to exit when Thacker and crew die but it passes on through a woman who has a child with one of the crewmen. The woman gives birth to a half-boy and half-caribou named Munaq. Munaq makes an appearance when he saves Gus and Birdie from Rosie’s wolf children. He gets severely injured in the fight and ends up revealing that the Sick had no cure. Munaq shares how the hybrids were the cure humanity needed.  


Mickle spoke about the origin of the Sick in the comic books. He tells People, “A lot of the mythology and all that was a trickier thing because we had already told a slightly different version of [the story in season 1].” The creator also reveals how he reached out to experts from the Inuit tribes in Alaska to get the “mythology and history” right. This was so he could honor the comic book.

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What happened in the cave?

Jim Mickle spoke about how his father’s death shaped Season 3 of Sweet Tooth. This became a  “massive part” of Gus’ life. The creator called the addressing some stuff “cathartic.” 

Helen Zhang is convinced by Dr.Aditya Singh that the Sick would be cured by sacrificing Gus. Singh also aims to kill Gus himself, and the two confront each other while in the cave. During this, Singh kills Birdie. Big Man also gets stabbed while trying to save Gus. 


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Will there be a Sweet Tooth Season 4?

Jim spoke about the possibility of a season 4. The creator mentioned how “satisfying” it was to bring the characters’ arcs to an end with Season 4. He spoke about how when he watches a movie, his brain works in an “ Act 1, Act 2, Act 3” way. This was the reason why they did not want to launch another season. 

Susan Downey who is the executive producer on the show spoke about how ending the season with Gus’ journey to Alaska felt like a “full circle.” She revealed how Jim had decided after Season 1 of the show came out that the journey to Alaska would mark the end of the show. 

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