Taylor Swift's Friend Reveals Truth About Her Relationship With Harry Styles; KNOW More

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' brief romance from 2012-2013 involved intense chasing, misunderstandings, and heartbreak, but their recent reunion at the 2023 Grammys shows no bad blood remains.

Published on Jul 01, 2024  |  08:32 PM IST |  73.7K
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Key Highlight
  • Harry Styles chased Taylor Swift for a year before they got close
  • Despite past heartbreak, Swift and Styles showed no bad blood

Taylor Swift, who is famous for her musical response to relationships, went out with Harry Styles of One Direction in late 2012 to early 2013. However, according to Swift’s friend, she gave Vanity Fair an entirely different story and that the media was wrong.

The chase and the breakup

What came out of this were revelations by one of Taylor’s friends about their love affair whereby he claims that Styles chased her around for a period of one year. Friends said, “he wore her down,” and they became close by spring. He even says, “You're amazing—I want to be with you. I want to do this.”

However, cracks appeared when Styles was on tour in Australia. Consequently, he sent a message to Swift regarding his kissing a friend in a tabloid photo which he dismissed it as nothing serious. Nevertheless, the image revealed their passionate make-out session when she saw it. She broke up with him but still Styles came after her telling her how much he loved her and promised faithfulness.

They reconciled but Swift felt that Styles still had other girls on his mind. Their relationship ended again when Styles disappeared one night. Later on, however, he texted her constantly but she decided to move forward. At the 2013 Grammys awards ceremony, she performed We Are Never Getting Back Together which marked the end of their relationship.

Reuniting at the Grammys

Nonetheless now being represented by Style’s spokesperson, soon afterward styles and Swift were reunited at The Grammy Awards ceremony in 2023. In Steve Lacy's performance, Taylor hugged and conversed with Harry. She screamed for him as he performed showing that all was well between them.


Though Taylor Swift’s involvement with Harry Styles lasted for only a short time, the recent reconciliation between them at the Grammy Awards shows there has been progress made towards rebuilding their friendship over time despite all misunderstandings and heartbreaks.

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Why did Taylor Swift and Harry Styles break up?
They broke up due to misunderstandings and trust issues, particularly involving a tabloid photo of Styles with another girl.

How did Swift and Styles interact at the 2023 Grammys?
They hugged, and chatted, and Swift cheered for Styles, showing they've moved past their previous issues.

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