Who Is Kelsey Toussant? Everything To Know About The Bachelor Season 28 Star Vying For Joey Graziadei's Heart

Kelsey Toussant is one of the contestants competing for Joey Graziadei’s heart in the latest season of The Bachelors. Here is what you need to know about her.

Published on Feb 20, 2024  |  10:46 AM IST |  85.2K
The Bachelors Season 28 Contestant Kelsey Toussant Here
Kelsey Toussant ( Kelsey Toussant Instagram )

Kelsey Toussant, known as Kelsey T, is a contestant vying for this season’s bachelor Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor. Since she is the drama-avoidant type, she has not gotten much screen time on the show and has avoided the limelight for the most part. Here is more about her life and hobbies.

Kelsey Toussant’s life and career 

Toussant is known as Kelsey T to avoid confusion with Kelsey Anderson, who is another contestant on the show. The LA resident’s ABC bio says that she is 31 years old and describes herself as “understanding, adventurous, and ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Joey.” She is also “the kind of woman who radiates joy and ambition everywhere she goes,” according to her bio. 

Toussant is an aspiring actor who has had quite a few uncredited roles in various TV shows and movies, including 2023’s blockbuster hit Barbie. She also appeared in Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and TV shows like How I Met Your Father, and Send Help. However, Kelsey’s career is not entirely dependent on her acting jobs as she has also been a realtor with LA’s Flower Street Group since 2023. 



Kelsey is also the owner of her clothing store called Toussant which “is for the woman who wears authenticity and confidence like a full coverage foundation,” according to the store’s website. The store was established in 2020. 

Kelsey Toussant’s journey of finding love

Kelsey T’s ABC bio reveals that she has been in some serious relationships and was engaged to one of her exes before, but the relationship did not work out. She is also a fun-loving woman who “loves to have game nights with her girls, spend time with her big, tight-knit family, and play a round of beach volleyball.” She is on the show because she is “ready to fall in love again.”

Kelsey has avoided most of the drama of the show, and that is why she did not get much screen time. But her avoiding the spotlight did not result in her being eliminated as Joey presented her with a rose after their one-on-one date episode which aired on 19th February. This means she is one of the six final contestants of this season. 

However, it was revealed that she might be eliminated before the hometown date episode, and won’t make it to the top 4 contestants, and probably won’t be able to introduce Joey to her family. 

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