Daisy Kent Resumes Dating Following Her Disappointment On The Bachelor; Been On 'Multiple Dates' With 'One' Person

The Bachelor star from season 28, Daisy Kent seems to be giggly, as she speaks of a new love interest in her life.

Published on Apr 12, 2024  |  01:02 PM IST |  201.6K
Daisy Kent is dating again
Daisy Kent (Daisy Kent Instagram)

Although Daisy Kent went through an almost heartbreak during season 28 of The Bachelor, the star's face can be seen with a wide smile again. 

During her latest interview, she went on to speak of her current mood and what she feels about someone whom she has probably been seeing in recent times. Read on and learn about Kent's probable and new significant others.

Daisy Kent about dating

In the finale of season 28 of The Bachelor, we saw Daisy Kent getting hugely disappointed as she didn't receive a final rose from Bachelor Joey Graziadei. And even though that made her a little sad, the star is back again, and this time she is braver than ever. 

While appearing on the Almost Famous podcast, the 25-year-old star went on to say, “I think I’m at such a good spot in my life, but I also think I did learn about myself a lot for the show, so no matter what, right now, I’m going to put myself first.” 

“But yeah, I have gone on dates,” she added. 

After she divulged that she is currently dating someone, Ashley Iaconetti, who is the co-host of the podcast, figured out that the star was being “giddy” and “kind of giggly,” while also stating, “You’re definitely thinking of one person in your head.”



Although Kent didn’t reveal much about the current person she happened to be dating, the reality show star stated that she’s “interested to see where life goes” and confirmed that she has been on multiple dates with the same person.

Is Daisy Kent in a relationship?

Speaking about herself and looking forward to being in a relationship with the person she is dating, Daisy Kent said, “I don’t know. You never know how time’s going to go, but I would say I’m happy right now, and it’s looking positive." She added that dating actually was a “learning curve” after the show, as “everyone has input and something to say.”

Speaking of her time on the show and her publicly declining her role during the After the Final Rose episode, the Bachelor season 28 star stated, “I can actually say 100 percent that I made on my own before I ever wanted to think about anything with anyone else because I knew I was at this point in my life where I kind of had to be selfish and make a decision for me and what was going to be best for me.”

Daisy Kent was seen on Season 28 alongside other contestants such as Kelsey Anderson, Maria Georgas, and more.

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How old is Daisy Kent?
Born on September 8, 1998, Daisy Kent is 25 years old.

On what season did Daisy Kent appear of The Bachelor?
Daisy Kent appeared on the Season 28 of The Bachelor.

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