Why Was Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained At Munich Airport? Here's What The Source Had To Say

Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained on charges of tax evasion by the Munich Airport customs office. He was let go after he paid the required tax. Read for more details..

Published on Jan 18, 2024  |  05:09 PM IST |  32.1K
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's luxury watch landed him in legal trouble at Munich Airport in Germany. 

The Hollywood biggie and former governor of California was detained for three hours by the customs office over an expensive watch that he was carrying. After paying a hefty tax on the luxury item, he was let go. Read to know everything that went down. 

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Detained Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked to pre-pay potential taxes but the card machine and ATM didn't work

Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived in Germany to take part in a charity and fundraising event but was stopped at the airport for carrying an undisclosed luxury item, a pricey watch with him. Schwarzenneger’s side of the story? He was never given the form to disclose his costly belongings. 

Schwarzenegger intended to include the exquisite timepiece in a charity auction at an upcoming event. Since Arnold planned on auctioning his watch, designed by a top watchmaker, Audemars Piguet to generate revenue, he was asked by the customs authorities to pre-pay the potential tax, to which he agreed. Turns out, the airport authorities were not well equipped for such instances. Their card machine did not work and Arnold was taken to an ATM to withdraw cash, plot twist, the ATM was stretched to its limits. The authorities then returned with Arnold to the airport and found a card machine that worked, much to their and Schwarzenegger’s luck. After paying the required amount, the latter was allowed to continue his trip. 


“It was a total comedy of errors that would make a very funny cop movie,” a source close to Schwarzenegger told People. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Germany for The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative 

The Terminator actor will participate in a charity and fundraising dinner for The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative on Thursday. The event will take place at the Stanglwirt Hotel in Kitzbühel. The now-infamous watch will also be listed at the same event, with an initial bidding amount of $50,000 as reported by Bild. The watch is said to be one of 20 such pieces in existence. Other items to be available for bidding at the event include artwork and signed memorabilia.

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What is Arnold Schwarzenegger famous for?
Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for his body building and a successful Hollywood career.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger a politician?
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a former politician. He is the former governor of California.

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