Here's why relationships between Scorpio and Cancer tend to be toxic

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Here's why relationships between Scorpio and Cancer tend to be toxic
Here's why relationships between Scorpio and Cancer tend to be toxic

At times, water signs of the zodiac like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces find it difficult to meet a romantic partner with who they can connect on an emotional level. Since these star signs are incredibly sensitive, yet have a great capacity for empathy, Cancer and Scorpio can build a beautiful bond. However, while the crab is often criticised for being too emotional and the scorpion is known for being overly possessive. Hence, when these two come together in love, the resulting relationship is not always as harmonious as you’d expect. Read on to discover toxic tendencies that can come about when Cancer dates Scorpio. 


  1. They harbor trust issues

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is the feeling of companionship and the ability to rely on someone else. However, trust is the first step to achieving this. But both Cancer and Scorpio hesitate to blindly trust another person. It is in their very nature to escape all chances of showing vulnerability no matter how long they have known each other. This couple has a suspicious nature and struggles with trust issues that could eventually end the relationship. 

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  1. They can be emotionally abusive toward each other

There are many ways that couples express their dissent over a situation. While some strongly object to an idea, others are hurt and choose to walk away from the table. But when Cancer and Scorpio disagree, their arguments can lead to an ugly war of words. Neither can hold back their emotions and the resulting spat can be extremely toxic because they tend to hurt each other with their words. Since they know each other very well, they are probably aware of each other’s insecurities and fears. 

Well, these truths are exploited and brandished as tools being used to inflict pain and sorrow in a fight between the two. In rare cases, these signs could also have a physically abusive relationship where Cancer inflicts emotional pain and Scorpio resorts to physical blows.

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  1. Both have a strong need for control

While Scorpio is famous for being intense in love and exacting revenge when hurt, Cancer also has toxic tendencies. The crab is fiercely protective of friends and lovers, however, financial security is crucial for this star sign. So the crab may seek to control the finances in the relationship, while the scorpion may wish to control the crab and become a jealous lover.


A good relationship is one where both individuals can understand each other. But a great relationship is one where the two overcome their shortcomings to grow together. Cancer and Scorpio may need to accept some hard truths about their very nature to succeed in a relationship together. 

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9 minutes ago
I disagree with what you say about cancer and scorpio relationship being toxic, if anything an incompatible relationships are toxic towards each other with no trust and infidelity. Water signs connects deeply, intuitive, and emotionally we always get along with the other water and earth signs. But there has never been a cancer being physically abusive towards the water sign. I think you need to learn more about each and every water sign out there. Before posting things you don't know about.