EXCLUSIVE: Rajasthan doc suggests improving immunity & doing breathing exercises can help battle Black Fungus

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Dr Nidhi Saxena suggests ways to battle Black Fungus

While we are still struggling with Coronavirus, another infection which is on a rise is Black Fungus, which reportedly is impacting recovered COVID-19 patients. Sharing some more information about Black Fungus, Dr Nidhi Saxena of Urban Primary Health Centre in Kota, Rajasthan says, “It is a mucormycosis, which is normally found in the Indian environment. It's an opportunist fungus, which impacts someone with low immunity. These days the immunity of all Covid patients is very low, so it easily enters their body, and then attacks blood cells, blood vessels and live cells and makes it black - that’s why we call it black fungus.”

The doctor also suggests ways to avoid the infection. “To safeguard ourselves from it, we should increase our immunity, treat Covid at an early stage, and do breathing exercises, which can be done by everyone, including non Covid patients,” says Dr Saxena. Many Instagram users were also grateful to the doctor for sharing information on Black Fungus. One user wrote, “Thanks for sharing. God bless you all.” Another one termed it as an “Informative” video. Check out the entire video below.



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Meanwhile, as part of Covid 19 safety protocols everyone has been asked to stay at home, and shouldn’t step out until and unless it's very important. Many celebrities on social media, including Alia Bhatt and Bhumi Pednekar, have also been spreading awareness about Coronavirus. Special emphasis has been given on wearing a proper mask and following hand hygiene. Fitness trainers are also emphasising on maintaining fitness, even while being at home, to help build immunity to fight the virus.

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