EXCLUSIVE: Parul Yadav OPENS UP on recovering from COVID 19: Emailed my sisters writing 'If I die...'

Updated on Jul 28, 2021 09:51 AM IST  |  261.9K
 Parul Yadav opens up on recovering from COVID 19
EXCLUSIVE: Parul Yadav OPENS UP on recovering from COVID 19: Emailed my sisters writing 'If I die...'

The deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic took away the lives of many. Not only the common man but celebrities were also infected by the virus. The film industry lost many biggies due to Coronavirus, while many managed to come out of it. South actress Parul Yadav is among many who managed to battle the deadly virus. In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Parul Yadav, for the first time, opens up about it and how her entire family got infected with COVID-19.

The 'Killing Veerappan' fame actress shares, "During the first lockdown, I was fine because the depression was less thinking we would come out of it soon but when the second time it hit, it started hitting closer because people started dying, from your inner circle, friends, building and I think that's when it sort of started putting me into depression, and also the fact because I got covid 19. On the 22nd of April, I got covid and I did not mention it out. Somebody brought it to the house and after that I got it. 7 members of my family including my domestic help got infected with it. My mom was also there and she is a twice cancer survivor. Luckily I was staying on the third floor and there was no help, so my mom used to cook, somebody used to drop food upstairs. My COVID was really bad as I had all the symptoms of losing sense, taste, and I had 103 fever for 12 days in a row. I had got the new variant and in one of the three days I called up my doctor and said 'I don't think so I can sort of come out of this.' and I remember writing an email, which I sent to dear ones of mine saying 'if I die, my property should be divided between my sisters. It might sound funny now but that time me being mentally strong... I'm a person who gyms, who eats healthy, my lungs are in full capacity functioning and when it hit me, I can't tell you, it was like a big slap. I wrote the email and my sisters started crying saying 'don't write such, nothing is gonna happen."

I was howling, I was crying, and I did not tell my mother because I didn't want to scare her.

Actress Parul Yadav

She continues, "One of the nights I popped paracetamol at 2:30 in the night and my fever went 103 above. I took the second dose and still, my fever was not coming down. My hands were shivering and I called my doc saying 'I cannot take this.' So he said 'if mentally you give up, nothing can bring you out of it.' I immediately picked up the towel, drenched it in the ice bucket and tapped it. That day when I didn't die, I knew nothing can kill me. I was howling, I was crying, and I did not tell my mother because I didn't want to scare her. It was crazy and on the 12th day when my fever was not coming down, I called up my doc who said it is the new variant."

Parul also shared her learning and something that she has discovered while recovering from the deadly virus. We all sort of relate to it in some or other way. "Earlier I would crib about waiting at the signal in the traffic but now, I enjoy such things. Now when I'm stuck on single, I get happy seeing people around me. It is funny but even the smallest thing I have started enjoying. I wasn't like this earlier. Even watching TV with my family was a luxury," shares Parul Yadav who is looking forward to the release of her film Butterfly. 

The stunner also revealed how it was every bit difficult for her to even move out of the sofa. "I was not able to come out of my sofa. I don't know it was depression or what but my doc asked me to recognize this and work on it."

Post recovery, Parul Yadav decided to bounce back and tried her way out to come out stronger and better. Sharing the complications she faced post the recovery, she reveals, "even for 10 mins if I would go on a walk, I was getting breathless. One day I walked for 20 mins, I got chest pain, I was admitted to the hospital for tests. For 2 months I didn't do anything. I gradually pushed myself as much as my body could take. I was loading myself with a good amount of carbs and everything. My doc asked me to not worry about weight gain and eat. My sugar intake and all got high but I had to get myself out of the bed. One must eat every 2 hours and people should start understanding that junk is in no way going to help you that time".

Parul further said, "Till date, I have a lot of symptoms. My 30-40 per cent of food taste, smell has not come back, I still have brain fogging. I have also realized one thing, when I'm sitting I', forgetting to breathe. I got to know then that this are all post covid symptoms so one must recognize it, embrace it and work on it. Positivity is the only thing that got me out. I started talking to my sisters a lot, I would enjoy and everything else helped to get me out of it."

When asked Parul why she didn't post anything about getting COVID-19 on social media since a lot of celebs keep posting and updating their friends and family. She reasons, "This is nothing fancy. It is not any other flu and if it happens, it screws you completely for months. When people ask me why I have not posted on social media, you got covid and all, I would just say I didn't want to. It is nothing fancy, people are dying. I felt it very insensitive to do so and In fact, I wasn't even active on Instagram because people were dying left right and centre. Even when I got vaccinated, I didn't post it because the celebrities made it sort of a fun thing and all for being positive but making the whole thing very fancy, hence I did not post. As I said, I had prolonged covid and took a lot of time to recover."