Noah Presgrove case: Oklahoma 911 releases fresh and chilling call details on how teen's body was discovered

On September 4, 2023, Noah Presgrove was discovered abandoned and naked on a lonely stretch of US-81, wearing just two mismatched shoes.

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Image Courtesy: GoFundMe
Image Courtesy: GoFundMe
Key Highlight
  • Noah Presgrove's body was found on a desolate highway on September 4
  • According to medical reports, Presgrove died from multiple blunt force injuries
  • Oklohoma 911 has released chilling call details on how Noah's body was found

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to an individual’s death.

Nearly a year after Noah Presgrove, an Oklahoma teenager who was considering joining the military, was found dead by the side of the road, 911 calls describe the unsettling scene that two witnesses saw early the following morning. Two calls for what appeared to be a deer laying on the side of the road were received by 911; however, they turned out to be human remains.

What did the first caller tell 911?

The first caller, who went by Tyler, told the 911 dispatcher that Labor Day morning that he wasn't sure what he saw lying on the side of the road as he was traveling on Highway 81 just outside of Terral, Oklahoma. He said that the mass by the side of the road might have been a deer, but it looked like a body.

What happened to Noah Presgrove?

On Labor Day in 2023, Noah Presgrove, then 19 years old, was discovered dead by a rural section of US-81 in Jefferson County, Oklahoma. That evening, he was last observed alive, attending a party with some friends. According to a report from the medical examiner, Presgrove died from "multiple blunt force injuries."

What did the second caller tell 911?

Shortly after the first man on September 4 reported seeing Noah on the side of the road, another man, Tyler Hardy, called 911 to report seeing a body on the side of the road while traveling to work. At first, he thought it was a deer. Hardy informed the dispatcher, "I'm pretty sure somebody is laying dead along the road. They look naked. I'm staying back.”


The dispatcher informed Hardy that a deputy was on his way and stated that she was already aware of the report. In between the two Tyler calls, she revealed another 911 call. That call, which PEOPLE received and which was made shortly before Hardy's call, lasts for 20 seconds and is jam-packed with static.

Hardy informed the dispatcher that he had almost struck the body and that he had chosen to hold off on hitting it until the police showed up to make sure nobody else did. "I don't want to get too close," Hardy replied, pointing out that it appeared as though there might be some garments lying in the middle of the road.

Police discovered Noah's body naked and in a fetal position

Later that morning, upon the arrival of family and law authorities, Noah's body was discovered in the fetal position, naked in only a mismatched pair of slip-on shoes. Blood gathered around his skull and his shorts in the center of the street. 


It's still unclear, ten months later, how Noah suffered an injury or ended up on the side of the road. Police indicated in May that they were not investigating the death "as a murder," but the investigation is still on.

Speaking on behalf of Oklahoma's Department of Public Safety, Sarah Stewart stated that the inquiry into Noah's death is ongoing and that she would not release documents or information about the case until the investigation was over, citing standard procedure.

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