45 Most flattering hair colors for olive skin and brown eyes

Finding the right hair color for olive skin tones can be challenging. That’s why we did some digging so you don’t have to! Check out our top hair color ideas for olive skin tones with brown eyes.

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Most flattering hair colors for olive skin and brown eyes
Most flattering hair colors for olive skin and brown eyes

Have you been keeping an eye out for a hair color that will go well with your olive skin tone and brown eyes? We comprehend and sympathize with your struggle. One of the nicest physical feature combos is olive skin and brown eyes. Olive skin's brightness and brown eyes' blackness give you a diverse appearance that allows you to carry off a larger variety of hair colors.

Options include a daring choices like bright red, a brilliant platinum blonde, a rich caramel highlight on brown hair, and more. You can thus discover a hair color you like to complement your characteristics in our list of the best, whether you prefer neutral hair colors or something more fierce to match your personality and inner fashionista!

How to know your skin tone?

The best hair colors ideas for olive skin and brown eyes are: 

1. Deep Mocha

Olivia Wilde's bright eye color is complemented by a striking coffee brown, and a chin-length bob gives her a more edgy appearance

2. Bayalage Highlights

Deep coffee-colored strands like Leah Remini's shimmer thanks to numerous tiny accents.

3. Cocoa Sheen

Olivia Munn's hair has a very mild ombré appearance as it transitions from a rich chocolate brown to a somewhat milkier shade.

4. Cool Grey-Blonde

Even while grey-blonde hair isn't the most popular hair color idea for people with olive skin, it may look lovely when done right. Kim Kardashian's rendition has deeper roots. Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo can help you keep your platinum hair color.


5. Ice Blonde

Kylie Jenner looked stunning as a platinum blonde, just as her half-sister Kim K did. Her interpretation is more white than grey, and against her medium skin tone, it truly pops.

6. Bronze Bangs

The half-up, half-down hairstyle of Leighton Meester has numerous little blonde highlights that give it a glittering bronze appearance.

7. Yellow Streaks

With Rita Ora's fair skin, highlighter yellow bangs are a surprising yet fun option. Paler people may appear sickly in this style, while darker tones contrast nicely with it.

8. Dark Brown Curls

Alia Shawkat's dark eyes and freckled cheeks contrast well with her raven black ringlets. To temporarily deepen your hair color, use something like John Freida Brilliant Brunette Luminous Color Glaze.

9. Two-Tone Ombré

In this eye-catching ombré, Megan Fox's unending supermodel waves transition from chocolate brown to almost blonde.

10. Sun-Kissed Cinnamon

Add some blonde highlights if you're tired of plain old brown to give your hair a sun-kissed glow without having to go to the beach.


11. Auburn Highlights

Many people worry that red won't look good on their skin tone, but try adding some auburn highlights. They provide brunette hair with a glossy mahogany tint that works well with olive skin.

12. Beachy Bronde

Jessica Biel usually dyes her hair very black, but we adore how this bronde (brown-meets-blonde) shade looks here.

13. Light Brown

With her caramel waves, Sofia Vergara adopts a more subdued style. Her dark eyes stand out because of to strategically placed lighter brown highlights, which also give her hair character.

14. Almost Black

With her warm skin tone, nearly black hair, and vivid red lip, Shay Mitchell makes a lovely contrast.

15. Chestnut

The Duchess of Cambridge is recognized for her uniformly chestnut-colored, thick hair that is lustrous and shiny. For a finished finish, her stylist applies Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom.

16. Blonde Braids

If you're seeking braids or locs in a significantly different tone, don't let your natural hair color ideas stop you. Before adding her braids, Zoe Kravitz completely bleached her base. However, after such a thorough whitening procedure, make sure your natural hair and scalp are suitably moisturized.


17. All-over Soft Blonde

While going completely blonde to the scalp is undeniably striking, a softer technique is to base it on some darker roots and to maintain the blonde beige rather than white. It can lessen the need for as many maintenance visits and make the process of growing the color out a little more forgiving.

18. Variegated Honey with a Dark Root

Nicole Scherzinger's hair features light, medium, and dark colors of honey, all of which are combined with a more organic root for low-maintenance color.

19. Honey Blonde

The greatest choice for an olive skin tone, according to Hauck, is "a wonderful in-between honey of not too ashy or too warm." It has an easy, seductive hue. We adore Honey's range of tones inside her look as well as Zendaya's color worn with a highly smokey eye for maximum punch.

20. Delicate, Subtle Honey

Rita Hazan, an NYC colorist, salon owner, and brand entrepreneur who counts Beyoncé among her clientele adds that if you want to go lighter, this hue is a fantastic balance. Here, Sofia Vergara's tint is more of an overall lightning effect than it is a distinct hue.

21. Pale Honey

Asking a colorist for balayage, baby lights, or highlights will help you achieve this. But keep in mind that there are about as many hues of honey as there are people who can wear them, so be careful to bring in examples of the precise "honey" you like.


22. All-over Caramel

Caramel tones, in Papanikolas' opinion, are particularly attractive on olive skin. He claims that using caramel in a warmer shade is a lovely approach to highlight an olive face. "The golden undertones in caramels give the finished product a lovely sun-kissed appearance."

23. Caramel-kissed Curls

Hauck concurs, declaring, "People with olive skin may always feel secure with caramel highlights. It always looks hot and goes well with either light or dark eyes." She advises selecting a colorist whose work exhibits a lot of warmth in the desired color and requesting delicate accents toned to caramel.

24. Chunky Caramel Pieces

A few lighter parts through darker hair is a terrific technique to create dimension without creating a glaring contrast if you don't want to commit to an all-over caramel color.

25. Rich Chestnut

When worn by Olivia Palermo, this dark, rich brown shade keeps the undertone attractive and avoids being as harsh as pure black. Chestnut and chocolate colors offer warm undertones that balance the chilly undertones of olive skin and give it a luminous appearance, according to Hazan.

26. Chocolate Balayage

There is no red in Minnie Driver's color to contrast with her skin tone, and the sweeping strokes of light in her chocolate hair accent her hazel eyes brilliantly. Chestnut has some reddish undertones, and for the appropriate client with an olive complexion, it may be attractive, argues Hauck. In general, I prefer to steer my olive-toned clientele away from red pigments and more toward a caramel-toned look.


27. Face-framing Chestnut Highlights

An all-over chestnut hairstyle with lighter strands around the face's edge, like Ashley Graham has done here, can be charming.

28. Warm Mocha

Use the almost universally flattering mocha tones to lean into eerie, witchy emotions. Mocha is a well-balanced warm and cool neutral color that suits most skin tones, but especially olive complexions, according to Papanikolas.

29. Mocha with Babylights

Mocha has the added benefit of being a simple hue. Ask your hair colorist for baby lights all over, toned to a good mocha, to create this color, which is also minimal maintenance, advises Hauck. You'll get something similar to what Padma Lakshmi has here.

30. Glossy Mocha With a Hint of Chestnut

Only the faintest trace of chestnut lowlights can be seen in Zoe Saldana's distinctive mocha waves, adding a delicate, understated depth that prevents the dark color from appearing too heavy.

31. Baby Pink Ombré

If you want to liven things up, Hauck advises using a baby pink or purple because such colors work best with this skin tone. The shock value can be reduced by keeping the pinkest hue near the ends of the hair.

32. Medium Amethyst

This hair 'do's purple color is the ideal shade for a color experiment because it isn't too light to wipe the wearer out.

33. Itty Bitty Mocha Ends

As shown here on Shay Mitchell, even the tiniest hint of color at the ends of your strands will break them up and prevent them from appearing to be a long, gloomy curtain.

34. Light Blonde Ombre

The combination of light and medium blonde hair color used in this ombre is a stunning, delicate change in color ideal for women with olive skin and brown eyes. For a refined, beautiful touch of color, wear the hue on long hair, and create delicate waves for a smooth texture.

35. Very Bright Red

If you know how to wear it, a hair color with a sharp contrast to your olive skin tone might look very stunning. If you enjoy being daring, go for this extremely vibrant red hair color. Women who have a gothic or punk aesthetic will enjoy the energizing effect bright red has.

36. Forest Green

When you have an olive complexion and hazel eyes, green is always a choice. This deep forest green will elegantly contrast your brown eyes, and it looks adorable on short, naturally black hair! Use a forest green eyeshadow to further accentuate the hue.


37. Light Brown Highlights

If the richness of your brown eyes is what you love most about them, you should have chocolate brown hair with lighter brown highlights. They appear stunning in this setting with their long, wavy hair and olive skin.

38. Light Blonde Balayage

Simply add a beachy blonde balayage to a dark base color to instantly brighten it up! Your olive skin tone will be warmed up by the light color, which will also highlight your dark brown eyes.

39. Faded Purple Hair

Looking for hair color ideas that you can wear to work professionally yet still be eye-catching? Light purple complements olive skin tones beautifully and is ideal for work. Additionally, it will be gentle on your dark eyes. The hairstyle pictured above has shoulder-length straight hair, but wavy or curly hair would also look lovely with the purple hair color.

40. Light or Dark Auburn Hair

For women with fiery personalities, an auburn dress with red accents is appropriate. With long, wavy hair in the color, your hazel eyes will command attention.

41. Brown Hair + Caramel Highlights

A few thin to medium-thick caramel highlights can readily revive a dark brown hair color. Keep these colors at the top of your list if you have olive skin and brown eyes!

42. Medium or Dark Purple

Choose this shade of purple if you like your hair to be medium or dark and want something that stands out more than classic purple. Any shade of purple hair looks particularly good with brown eyes and olive complexion. The ideal method to rock it is with a curly short pixie!

43. Rose Gold Hair

It's simple to understand why rose gold hair color ideas are taking over the world of hairstyles. Long, wavy hair frames a face with olive skin tones and brown eyes and gives you plenty of freedom to show off the gorgeous color.

44. Pure Black

Pure black hair can be worn with ease and beauty by someone with an olive skin tone. The color is timeless and adaptable because it complements all skin tones and looks good on both short and long hair.

45. Ash brown hair color

Ash brown colors are generally avoided by women with olive skin tones since they could mix in with their skin tone and make them appear washed out. But there is a workaround if you want ash brown: Choose tiny blonde ribbons to help you get the ideal contrast.


Whether you prefer wearing your hair long, short, or somewhere in between, the above 45 colors will work gorgeously with them all and accentuate olive skin tones and hazel eyes on any woman.

As you can see, adding a few highlights may completely transform your hairdo. Therefore, if you're hesitant to drastically alter your hair's color, start with highlights for a subtle but obvious alteration.

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Is coloring of hair harmful or useful?
Hair dyes can cause hair damage. Practicing hair-friendly techniques like limiting heat styling and conditioning the hair can help minimize damage whenever possible. Dyeing your hair closer to its natural color may also limit time exposure to hair dyes an

What are the 4 types of hair color?
There are four types of hair color: Temporary, Semi-permanent, Demi-permanent and Permanent.

What is black hair called?
There is no specific and separate term for someone with black hair. However, people have suggested the term noirette. Note, also, that although the term brunette includes those with black hair, not everyone may agree.

Is brown hair rare?
Our fifth rarest hair pick is brown. About 20% of the global population is born with brown hair. Isn't it surprising that so few people have brown hair? People of virtually every background sport varying shades of brown hair, ranging from light brown to b

Is dark or light hair more attractive?
Men find women with darker hair more sexually attractive. Based on a poll conducted by social networking website Badoo, in a survey of 2,000 men, more than 60 percent of men reported they prefer “raven-haired” women.

What is the second most rare hair color?
Blonde hair is the second rarest hair color in the world. About 20% of the population has blonde hair. Natural blonde hair can be so beautiful, but it often requires more maintenance than other colors.

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