GOING SEVENTEEN returns in 2023: The top 5 episodes that will make you laugh like crazy

SEVENTEEN's hit variety show 'GOING SEVENTEEN' is back, providing the perfect gift for Carats to kick off the new year with laughter and fun!

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Prepare to be entertained and have a great time as the highly-entertaining variety series 'GOING SEVENTEEN' returns. This hilarious variety show is sure to have you smiling and laughing along with the members of SEVENTEEN.


Featuring the talented and entertaining boy group SEVENTEEN, this series has been a fan favorite since its premiere on June 12, 2017. Each episode presents a different concept, allowing the band members to showcase their various skills and personalities. From games and challenges to skits, role playing, and hangouts, there's never a dull moment with this crew. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and revisit the top 5 funniest and fan-favorite episodes of the year.

1. [GOING SEVENTEEN] EP. 38 #1 (Infinite GOING #1)

Get ready for some physical and mental challenges as SEVENTEEN takes on a new game in this episode. The members are seen at an empty road on a cold day, dressed in their jackets and cracking jokes about the weather. The game they will be playing requires two teams of two members each to push a car using their strength. But before they can start the game, the members have to go through some mental and physical training. The physical training includes activities like long jump and backward running, which are meant to test the members' strength and agility.

The mental training is equally challenging and involves a game where one member has to refute anything the other members say with a valid justification. This game is meant to test the members' quick thinking and ability to come up with logical arguments. It's entertaining to watch the members go through these challenges, as they are all chaotic and enthusiastic on this day out. As the teams prepare for the main game, the tension and excitement start to build. 

2. [GOING SEVENTEEN] EP. 47 #1 (Runner-Up Sports Day #1)

SEVENTEEN takes on some outdoor games in this entertaining episode of 'GOING SEVENTEEN'. With S.Coups, Hoshi, and The8 absent as they were not well, the remaining members are split into three teams and guided by host Wonwoo as they play a relay race and dodgeball. As always, the boys are competitive and play their hearts out, but there's a twist: the team that comes in second place is the only team that wins. The team in first place gets zero points, and the team in third place gets fewer points. This unexpected twist was the brainchild of Dino, and the rest of the members were surprised when the staff actually agreed to it. 

This episode is full of laughter and heartwarming moments as SEVENTEEN showcases their strong friendship and playful dynamic. But the real highlight of the episode is the surprise that was planned for Jun, who was the only member not in on it. To find out what it was, make sure to watch the video until the end.

3. [GOING SEVENTEEN] EP 51 #1 (Know Thyself #1)


In this episode of SEVENTEEN, the members are not engaging in any physical activities or games. However, despite the lack of physical activity, the episode is still quite chaotic. The members are seated in a room and are tasked with taking the MBTI test, which is a personality assessment that helps individuals understand their unique characteristics and how they prefer to interact with the world. 

However, there is a twist to the test- instead of each member filling out the questionnaire about themselves, the other members fill it out on their behalf, testing how well they know each other. The last time the SEVENTEEN members took the MBTI test was two years ago, so it is interesting to see if their personalities have changed at all. The episode is filled with humour and laughter as the members of SEVENTEEN argue and tease each other.


In this episode, the members of SEVENTEEN play a chaotic game of hide and seek that is sure to have you grinning from ear to ear. It starts off with the members splitting into two teams and the process of forming the teams is absolutely entertaining to watch. The members crack jokes and engage in playful banter as they decide who will be on which team. And once the teams are formed, the real fun begins.

The rule for the game is simple: one team hides objects that the other team has to find and photograph within a time limit. After the time is up, the roles switch and the other team has to hide the objects while the first team tries to find them. If a team manages to photograph all the hidden objects, they win. With their energetic and competitive spirits, this episode perfectly captures the unique personality of SEVENTEEN. 

5. [GOING SEVENTEEN] EP. 54 #1 (WONWOO’s Diary #1)

In this episode of SEVENTEEN, the members showcase their acting skills as they perform a skit. Each member takes on a unique character, adding to the humorous atmosphere of the episode. Seungkwan and Dino play the roles of elderly men, while Wonwoo portrays a young student shooting a documentary. Hoshi is a flashy trot singer and Mingyu is his manager, and Joshua and Jeonghan play two lazy young men. The combination of these humorous characters and their silly story is sure to bring laughter to viewers. Don't miss the chance to watch this entertaining skit featuring SEVENTEEN.


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